“Using Social Indicators in Watershed Management Projects”

Register for May 1st Webcast on “Using Social Indicators in Watershed Management Projects”
 Join us for a webcast on May 1, 2013 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm Eastern on “Using Social Indicators in Watershed Management Projects.”  Working with landowners and managers to find effective and practical solutions to water quality problems is crucial to achieving environmental goals. Social indicators provide information about the social context, awareness, attitudes, capacities, constraints, and behaviors in a watershed or project area. Using social indicators can help resource managers and conservation professionals understand target audiences, select effective interventions, and evaluate their impacts.
  At the end of this webcast, participants will understand some basic concepts of behavior change and have the tools to use a framework for using social indicators in nonpoint source management work.
  To register for this Watershed Academy Webcast, please visit www.epa.gov/watershedwebcasts. The webcast presentation will be posted in advance at this url. Finally, webcast participants are eligible to receive a certificate for their attendance.