2017 Annual Forum Workshops

This year's conference kicks off on Wednesday, Sept. 27, with three workshops including: 

  • Source Water Practitioner Workshop
  • Green Infrastructure Training
  • Oil and Gas Public Communications Workshop 

These workshops are included in the conference registration, and an option is included to sign up online on the main registration page.

Source Water Practitioner Workshop

"Source Water Protection: Opportunities for Partnerships & Collaboration” 

Partnerships and the ability to leverage shared resources for mutual goals are becoming more crucial, as resources are becoming more scarce and threats to the nation’s drinking water supplies are on the rise. This workshop will showcase effective collaboration and partnership efforts at the national, state, and local levels. Benefit from experiences and lessons learned, and how a variety of creative approaches can be used to form and sustain partnerships to protect drinking water sources. Come join the discussion, share your perspectives, and go home with new ideas and contacts, and your top three opportunities for strategic actions to protect your drinking water sources. 

Green Infrastructure Training

Instructors: Ellie Baker, Jen Relstab, P.E. and Richard Claytor, P.E., Horsley Witten 

Green infrastructure is an attractive, cost effective tool to manage stormwater and protect the quality and quantity of drinking water supplies, while also enhancing the aesthetics, natural habitat and public health of an area. Learn about green infrastructure practices that are beneficial for groundwater recharge, water quality treatment, and flood management. Gain an understanding of key siting strategies and design elements that make these practices particularly adapted to source water protection. We will also introduce you to the regulatory framework and challenges that promote, allow and challenge the implementation of green infrastructure practices. Real world case study examples, many from New England, will be incorporated throughout the session. If you are challenged by drought, water quality concerns, increasing watershed development, and limited supplies within your community or region, join us to learn how green infrastructure can be integrated into the developed landscape to help tackle those challenges. 

StatesFirst: Oil & Gas Public Communications Workshop

Today the amount of data collected is unprecedented, and it can be difficult to determine what should be done with the information, what aspects are important and how it should be distributed. Data collection and digital record keeping have created a greater opportunity for open communication between the regulatory community and the general public, media and other interested stakeholders.

This workshop will foster a discussion surrounding what information is most relevant and pertinent to the public in order to establish credibility through continued conversations. The workshop will feature speakers from both communications and data management sides to discuss best practices and to help provide direction for others in transmitting data to the masses. We will then open up for a roundtable discussion on the challenges and opportunities with data management and communications.