As part of our collaborative process, the GWPC Board of Directors creates working committees to address important groundwater related issues.  These committees are made up of and led by volunteers from the states.  Representatives from stakeholder groups also serve on some committees.

Current Working Committees

RBDMS Steering Committee

Committee Chairs: 

  • Tom Richmond, MT Board of Oil and Gas Conservation
  • Stan Belieu, Nebraska Oil & Gas Commission 
  • Mark Bohrer, North Dakota Industrial Commission, Department of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas Division

Ex Officio Committee Member: 

  • Don Drazan, NY Division of Mineral Resources

RBDMS Technical Advisory Group

  • Thom Kerr, Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
  • Bill Adkins, Kentucky Division of Oil & Gas
  • Jim Halvorson, Montana Board of Oil & Gas Conservation
  • Jim Lindholm, North Dakota Industrial Commission
  • Bob Griffith, Oklahoma Corporation Commission
  • Rick Sims, Mississippi Oil and Gas Board
  • Chuck Borcher, Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

CO2 Geosequestration Committee

  • Andrew Duguid, Schlumberger Carbon Services
  • Michael Parker, Exxon/ Mobil
  • John Veil, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Scott Anderson, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Mark Fesmire, New Mexico Oil Conservation Division
  • Tom Tomastik, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
  • Scott Imbus, Chevron
  • Steve Crookshank, American Petroleum Institute
  • Bob Van Voorhees, Underground Injection Technology Council
  • Ben Knape, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Kevin Frederick, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
  • Mike Nickolaus, GWPC

Source Water Committee

  • Kathy Romero, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
  • Paul Susca, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
  • Eric McPhee, State of CT Department of Public Health
  • Barry Matthews, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
  • Mike Eggert, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
  • Sean Ables, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Sandra Chandler, Arkansas Geological Survey
  • Will Myers, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
  • Heather Miller, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
  • Tom Pattee, Oregon Department Of Human Services
  • Kitty Weisman, Washington Department of Health
  • Andy Tolman, Maine Drinking Water Program