Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

2017 Annual Forum | September 27-29

The GWPC is now accepting abstracts for the 2017 Annual Forum held this September in Boston. 

We're looking forward to this year's agenda. We are seeking abstracts for presentations in the following categories. Click the links below to skip to your category of interest or scroll for detailed information.


Groundwater Quality & Quantity |  Underground Injection Control | Gas Storage | Produced Water | Oil & Gas/State Programs


Detailed Category Descriptions:

Groundwater Quality & Quantity

  • Stormwater Management & Groundwater Protection
    • Best Practices - protecting groundwater sources of drinking water when implementing green infrastructure and infiltration practices
    • Stormwater Collaboratives - Examples of communities complying with EPA's MS4 requirements while protecting groundwater sources of drinking water
    • New Tools - How can new stormwater management tools protect groundwater while meeting regulatory requirements to protect surface water quality?
  • Source Water Protection in the Northeast
    • Community planning and zoning to protect current and future sources of groundwater-supplied drinking water
    • Current groundwater contamination challenges: ie perfluorinated compounds (PFOA, PFOS, and PFAS).
    • Protecting groundwater quality in private wells: state and local strategies
    • Protecting groundwater in sole source aquifers – approaches for ensuring protection of the most threatened and sensitive sources of drinking water
    • Leveraging multiple state agencies to protect groundwater
    • Cross-program and multi-media coordination at the federal, state, and local level to protect groundwater sources of drinking water
  • Source Water Protection Collaboration Example
    • Collaboration with multiple stakeholders to protect groundwater sources of drinking water
    • Water utilities’ collaboration to protect drinking water sources
    • Leveraging innovative funding sources to protect drinking water sources
    • Success stories from state/regional/local collaborative groups protecting drinking water sources, especially groundwater
  • Groundwater Monitoring (Quality & Quantity)
    • Water resources and availability in the Northeast:  ensuring safe and sustainable groundwater sources
    • Lessons learned and successful strategies used during the recent drought in the Northeast and other locations throughout the country
  • Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction
  • Groundwater Protection & Brownfields
    • Prioritizing Brownfields assessment, cleanup, and re-development adjacent to groundwater sources of drinking water/wellhead protection areas
    • Incorporating groundwater/wellhead protection in the Brownfields program's area-wide planning process
  • Brackish/Saline Water Desalination & Use for Municipal, Industrial and other Uses

Underground Injection Control

  • Class I/III Technical Issues
  • Class II/VI Technical Issues
  • Class V UIC:  Issues and Priorities

Other Topics

  • Gas Storage
    • Case studies
    • Need for and genesis of gas storage in the U.S.
    • Natural gas storage vs storage of liquid hydrocarbons - Differences/Similarities
    • Protecting groundwater during storage field operations
  • Produced Water
    • Case studies of produced water reuse
    • Potential for reuse of produced water in and out of oilfield
    • Treatment technologies to make produced water usable
    • Managing treatment residuals
    • Practical, legal and technical aspects of matching reuse needs to produced water availability
  • Oil & Gas - Showcasing State Agility & Results
    • Case studies of state programs that use technology, data management, and proactive regulation to protect groundwater
    • How states coordinate actions between agencies to implement effective programs
    • How states are coping with the downturn in industry activity and funding

To submit an abstract, please complete the online submittal form no later than June 30, 2017 (Extended Date). The GWPC will make selections and notify presenters by July 10, 2017.



    • In order for an abstract to be considered, please submit all required information online through our abstract submittal form.
    • Abstracts should be no more than 300 words. Bios should be a maximum of 100 words.
    • Abstracts, bios, and speaker information from abstracts selected for presentation will be published in the GWPC Events Mobile app for conference attendees.

    Key Dates

    • June 30, 2017 - Deadline for Presentation Abstract Submittal (EXTENDED from June 16)
    • July 10, 2017 - Notification of Acceptance for Presentations (EXTENDED)
    • Sept. 20, 2017 - PowerPoint Presentations Submittal Deadline