Day 1

GWPC Proceeding: 

Day 1 - Sunday, September 25th

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Water / Energy Division Roundtable Discussion:
Presentation 2a
Leslie Savage, Texas RRC
The Issue of Diesel in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid: The Federal Initiative and the States Perspectives
Presentation 2b
Don Drazan, NY DEC
Discussion of the New York Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement for Hydraulic Fracturing:
Presentation 2c
Roland P. DeBruyn, Luca Technologies Inc.
Methane Farming through Use of Indigenous Microbes -
Presentation 2d
Jean-Philippe (JP) Nicot, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
Water Efficiency of Texas Shale Plays
Presentation 2e
Gary M. Hanson, Red River Watershed Management Institute
Haynesville Shale: Significance of Early Adaptive Water Resource Management, Regional/Industry/State Cooperation and a Driver for State Water Use Reform
Presentation 2f
Evan Kane, North Carolina DENR
North Carolina’s Study of Shale Potential Shale Gas Development
Presentation 2g
Bill Bryson, KS Geological Survey
Evaluation of State Surveillance and Enforcement Methods: Proposed Study