Day 1

GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
Opening Session: Aquifer Management & Underground Injection
Jamie Crawford
Jamie Crawford, Mississippi DEQ & GWPC President & GWREF Board Member
Bob VanVoorhees
Bob VanVoorhees, Underground Injection Technology Council – National UIC Update
Susan Fernandes
Susan Fernandes, US Business Council for Sustainable Development – Louisiana Water Synergy Project
Stan Belieu
GWPC / GWREF Project Update and Announcement - Stan Belieu
Mike Wireman
Mike Wireman, EPA Region 8
Session Title: 
National UIC and Aquifer Management: Issues and Activities
Frederick Bloetscher
A Summary of ASR Findings from a Comprehensive National Survey: Update July, 2013 - Frederick Bloetscher, Florida Atlantic University
Joe Haberfeld
Impact of EPA’s Letter to FDEP on ASR in Florida - Joe Haberfeld, FL DEP
Holly Green
EPA overview Holly Green, USEPA
Bob VanVoorhees
Regulatory Implications of EPA’s ASR Letter – Bob VanVoorhees, Underground Injection Technology Council
Matt Hartmann
Uranium and Uranium Progeny in Groundwater Associated with Uranium Ore Bearing Formations - Matt Hartmann, Uranium Resources, Inc
David Murry
Class III UIC Regulatory Perspective: In Situ Uranium Mining in Texas - David Murry, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Matt Hartmann
Class III UIC Uranium Mining Permitting Process Matt Hartmann, Uranium Resources, Inc
Lorrie Council
Class V Injection Wells: Back to the Future - Lorrie Council, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Michael Anderson
Iowa Experience With Agricultural Drainage Well Inspection. Testing, Permitting, and Closure Michael Anderson, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Sonja Massey
Class V UIC and Septic Systems – Sonja Massey, Alabama DEM
Bill Stein
SAWS Brackish Desalination Project – Production to Injection Wells – Bill Stein, LBG-Guyton Associates
Jack Kindinger
Subsidence and Coastal Geomorphic Changes in Central Louisiana – Jack Kindinger, USGS St. Petersburg Coastal Marine Science Center
Caryl Alfaro
ASTM Activity Update – Caryl Alfaro, Earth Resources Systems
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Oil & Natural Gas Stray Gas Incident Response, Environmental Sampling, Analysis and Risk Assessment Workshop
Session Title: 
Lunch Presentation: Shale Gas Development and Water Resource Management