GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
Addressing the Challenges of Environmental Risk Communication
Session Title: 
Water & Energy: Induced Seismicity by Underground Injection
Kyle E. Murray
Modeling of Pressure Propagation from Saltwater Disposal Wells Completed in the Arbuckle Group, northern Oklahoma Kyle E. Murray, Oklahoma Geological Survey
Rall Walsh
Understanding, Quantifying and Managing Risk from Injection-Related Earthquakes: A Case Study from Oklahoma Rall Walsh, Stanford University
Kate Konschnik
Seismicity Issues – When the Potential for Liability meets the Promise of Data Sharing Kate Konschnik, Harvard Law
Session Title: 
Hydraulic Fracturing and Your Community
Thom Kerr
Water Cycle and Oil & Natural Gas Production - Thom Kerr, Thom Kerr, LLC
Steve Tipton
The Oklahoma Water Conundrum - Steven Tipton, ALL Consulting
Session Title: 
Water Quality: Dealing with Nutrients in Groundwater
Virginia Walsh
Nutrient Reduction by Use of Deep Well Injection, Virginia Key, MiamiDade CO, FL Virginia Walsh, Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department, and Edward Rectenwald, MWH Americas, Inc
Joseph J. Lee
Nutrients in Groundwater, and Public Water Supply Protection - Joseph J. Lee, Ground Water Protection Council
Sandra M. Eberts
Assessing Nutrients in Principal Aquifers of the United States: An Overview - Sandra M. Eberts, USGS
Session Title: 
Water Availability and Sustainability:
Marlon Cook
A New Day for Alabama Groundwater Sustainability and Management: Science, Data Management, and Political Will, Marlon Cook, Geological Survey of Alabama
Lauren Behel
How Leadership Changes Affect Sustainability Measures of Public Water Systems Lauren Behel, Mississippi State University Extension
Session Title: 
Communicating Induced Seismicity by Injection to the Public
Session Title: 
Joint GWPC & IOGCC Session OKC 2015: Where Water & Energy Mix
Rick Simmers
Rick Simmers, Chief, Division of Oil & Gas Resources Management Ohio Department of Natural Resources