GWPC Proceeding: 
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Addressing Groundwater Quality
Mark Hildebrand
Shrinking Budgets and More Powerful Microscopes: A Tale of Budget Cuts, Regulation, and Protecting Public Health – Mark Hildebrand, OK DEQ
Craig Caldwell
Groundwater Quality Protection in North Carolina - Craig Caldwell, P.G. North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality / Division of Water Resources
Jenna Kromann
A Protocol for Baseline Sampling of Water Sources in Areas of Shale Oil and Gas Development - Stephen D. Richardson, Jenna S. Kromann, Lisa J. Molofsky, Ann P. Smith, John Connor, and David Cercone, GSI Environmental
Session Title: 
Opening Session
Marty Link
Marty Link, Nebraska DEQ and GWPC President
Kevin McCray
Groundwater Sustainability: The National Ground Water Association’s Position - Kevin McCray, National Ground Water Association
Sandra Eberts
USGS Water Availability and Use Science Program - Sandra Eberts, National Water Quality Assessment Program, USGS
Mary Scruggs
Overview of Selected USDOA Agencies and Efforts Related to Agriculture, Groundwater, and Water Availability – Mary Scruggs, Sr. Advisor, Water Resources, USDA/OSA/OCS
Michael E. Campana
Groundwater: Plans, Pitfalls, and Prognostications – Michael E. Campana, American Water Resources Association