Day 1

GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
GWPC Annual Forum Opening Session
Stan Belieu
Ground Water Protection Council Annual Forum. Stan Belieu, NE O&G, GWPC President
Session Title: 
Groundwater Use and Protection Planning
Brooks Abeln
Developing a Technically Sound Aquifer Testing Plan that Meets the Requirements of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) Brooks Abeln, SRBC
Robert Webb
Climate, Drought, & Water Management: Federal Initiatives - National Integrated Drought Information System – Robert Webb, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Derek Smithee
Planning on Monitoring? Do a Monitoring Plan! – Derek Smithee, Chief, Water Protection Division, Oklahoma Water Resources Board
Session Title: 
Water Well 101
Mike Wireman
Transport and Fate of Contaminants in Groundwater. Mike Wireman-USEPA Region 8
Session Title: 
Deep Groundwater Discussion Session
Kevin Frederick
Deep Groundwater Kevin Frederick, WY DEQ; Groundwater Expert Panel
Mike Wireman
"Deep" groundwater discussion session. Mike Wireman, USEPA Region 8
Fred Bloetscher
The Potential Need for Deep Groundwater Use. Fred Bloetscher, Florida Atlantic University
Andrew Manning
What is the permeability of Earth's upper crust. Andrew Manning, USGS
Session Title: 
Practical Guidelines for the Investigation and Understanding of Potential Stray Gas Impacts
Kelly Rose
Kelly Rose, NETL - NETL's Energy Data Exchange (EDX) - Supporting Science-Based Decision Making for Safe & Environmentally Prudent Energy Resource Development
John Veil
A Review of GWPC’s Stray Gas Incidence & Response Forum - John Veil, Veil Environmental
Lisa Molofsky
Stray gas: sources, migration mechanism-Lisa Molofsky, GSI Environmental, Inc
Scott Haas
Pre- and Post-drill sampling of water wells – Scott Haas, SAIL Energy, Environment & Infrastructure, LLC
Elizabeth Perry
Pre-drill GW Quality – Elizabeth Perry & Rikka Bothum, AECOM
Lisa Molofsky
Lines-of-evidence approach to investigation of potential stray gas impacts-Lisa Molofsky, GSI Environmental, Inc.
Julie Sueker
Application of isotope and molecular composition of gases to assess stray gas origin – Julie Sueker, Arcadis Inc
Session Title: 
State Groundwater Regulatory Roundtable
Session Title: 
Class VI Primacy & Class VI Permits