Day 1

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Class I UIC Operator Training Session
Session Title: 
WorkShop: Water Issues (And Solutions) Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing
Tom Hayes
GTI Water Management Consortiums, Marcellus & Barnett Shale – Tom Hayes, GTI
J.P. Nicot
Water needs of the oil and gas industry in Texas, J.P. Nicot, University of Texas
Mathew Bruff
“An Integrated Water Treatment Technology Solution for Sustainable Water Resource Management in the Marcellus Shale” Mathew Bruff, Altela
David Alleman
ALL, Inc. (DOE) Considerations for Water Treatment and Re-Use in Shale Gas Development– David Alleman, ALL Consulting
Lori Wrotenbery
STRONGER Guidelines on Hydraulic Fracturing – Lori Wrotenbery, Oklahoma Corporation Commission