Day 1

GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
Joint Opening General Session
Ann Smith
Ann Smith, GSI
Session Title: 
Introduction to Stray Gas
Scott Kell
Scott Kell, Ohio Oil & Gas
Session Title: 
Mitigation Measures to Protect Public Safety
Kevin McCray
Best Suggested Practices to Reduce and Mitigate Problematic Concentrations of Methane in Residential Water Well Systems - Kevin McCray, National Ground Water Association
Dale Kohler
Emergency Response Procedures and Protocol in Texas – Dale Kohler, TCEQ & Walter Gwyn, RRC of TX, Wichita Falls District Office
Session Title: 
Overview of Water in the Drilling Life Cycle
Melinda Truskowski
Exploring Environmental, Regulatory and Social Advantages of Produced Water Management/Treatment – Melinda Truskowski & Tekla Taylor, Golder Associates, Inc.
David Alleman
26 Navigating Water Issues in Texas: Water Sourcing, Produced Water Management, Recycling, Spills, and Construction Issues - David Alleman, ALL Consulting
Michael Overbay
36 US EPA Overview - Michael Overbay, EPA Region 6
Session Title: 
Joint Luncheon
Mike Paque, Stan Belieu, and Dave Bolin
Mike Paque, GWPC Executive Director; Stan Belieu, Nebraska O&G, GWPC President, and GWREF Board Member; and Davie Bolin, Alabama Oil & Gas Board and GWREF President
Bridget Scanlon
Impact of Extraction and Electricity Generation Using Shale Gas on Water Resources in Texas, Bridget Scanlon, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
Session Title: 
Emergency Response Priorities for Stray Gas Incidents
Scott Kell
Working toward Rational, Consistent, Science-based Risk-assessment Protocols-Scott Kell, Ohio Oil & Gas
Debby Yost
Responding to Stray Gas Incidents: Marcellus Shale Coalition Recommended Practice - Debby Yost, Chesapeake Energy
Scott Kell
Scott Kell, Ohio Oil & Gas
Session Title: 
Water Quantity Used, Acquisition & Planning
JP Nicot
Water Use for the Development of Texas Shale and Tight Plays - JP Nicot, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
Ryan Salmon
Hydraulic Fracturing Faces Growing Competition for Water Supplies in Water-Stressed Regions – Ryan Salmon, Ceres
Kent Wilkins
Water Supply Planning, Availability and Opportunities in Oklahoma Kent Wilkins, Assistant Chief of Planning & Management, Oklahoma Water Resources Board
Bob Patterson
Local Water Availability and Planning Related to O&G Development – Bob Patterson, Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District
David Alleman
Traditional and Alternative O&G Production Water Sources (Resource Expansion) – David Alleman, ALL Consulting
D. Steven Tipton
Treatment Requirements for Produced or Flow Back Water. Treatment Options for Recycling Frac Water. D. Steven Tipton, Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc.
Leslie Savage
State Water Recycle/Reuse Rules – Leslie Savage, Railroad Com. of TX Discussion