Day 2

GWPC Proceeding: 

Day 2 - Monday, September 26th

Session Title: 
Groundwater Sustainability
Presentation 3a
Linda MacGregor, Chief Watershed Protection Branch at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Welcome to Georgia!
Presentation 3b
Jim Kennedy, Georgia State Geologist
Groundwater Use in Georgia
Presentation 3c
William “Brad” Carver, Environmental Attorney
Tapping the Tennessee River: the Solution to Georgia's Water Woes
Presentation 3d
Greg Koch, Director of Global Water Stewardship for the Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company Global Water Stewardship
Presentation 3e
William “Bill” Alley, Chief, Office of Groundwater for the U.S. Geological Survey
WaterSMART Use and Availability Assessment
Presentation 3f
Ann Codrington, USEPA Office of Ground Water & Drinking Water
Sustaining Water Resources
Session Title: 
Alternative Water Resources
Presentation 4a
John S. Clarke -USGS Georgia Water Science Center
Water Supply in Coastal Georgia—Meeting Water Demand Using Alternative Water Sources to the Upper Floridian Aquifer
Presentation 4b
Marlon R. Cook - Geological Survey of Alabama
Brackish Groundwater in the Coastal Plain of Alabama: An Historic Resource with Implications for the Future
Presentation 4c
Mary E. Clayton, University of Texas
Implementation of Brackish Groundwater Desalination Using Wind-Generated Electricity as a Proxy for Energy Storage: A Case Study of the Energy-Water Nexus in Texas
Presentation 4d
Paul F. Ziemkiewicz, West Virginia Water Research Institute
Zero Discharge Water Management for Horizontal Shale Gas Well Development: Results of Large Scale Testing
Session Title: 
Groundwater Quality
Presentation 5a
Kevin McCray, CAE - National Ground Water Association
National Ground Water Association’s ANSI Water Well Construction Standard
Presentation 5b
Linda Pickett Garinger, USGS, KS Water Science Center
Effects of experimental passive artificial recharge of treated surface water on water quality in the Equus Beds aquifer, 2009-2010
Presentation 5c
John T. Barndt, P.G., Delaware Department of Natural Resources
Delaware’s Economical Approach to Assessing Statewide Groundwater Quality
Presentation 5d
Paul Jehn, GWPC
Tracking Water with Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS)
Session Title: 
Managing Water & Energy Efficiency: Uses of Groundwater for Energy
Presentation 6a
Brooks G. Abeln, P.G. Susquehanna River Basin Commission
The Increasing Pressure for Groundwater Sources for Natural Gas Development in the Headwaters of the Susquehanna River Basin
Presentation 6b
Noel Gollehon, Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA
Groundwater and Agricultural Bioenergy Feedstock Production
Presentation 6c
Larry Neal, AMEC,Leonard Ledbetter, & Dean Alford, Allied Energy Services
An Integrated Water Management Strategy for Power Generation; a Central Georgia Case Study
Presentation 6d
Jordan Macknick, Strategic Energy Analysis Center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Competition for Water Use in Utility-Scale Solar Power Systems
Session Title: 
Your GWPC: Past, Present, and Future:
David Bolin, Alabama Oil & Gas;
GWPC Founder & Past-President
Joe Lee, Pennsylvania DEP
GWPC Immediate Past-President
Stan Belieu, Nebraska O&G
GWPC President
Session Title: 
Groundwater Management: Planning and Protection of Drinking Water Supply
Presentation 7a
Paul L. Bristol, and Alexander Butler, SCDHEC
An Overview of the South Carolina Capacity Use and Water Use and Reporting Programs
Presentation 7b
Harriet H. Gilkerson, SCDHEC
Groundwater Use and the Need for a State-wide Groundwater Level Monitoring Network in South Carolina
Presentation 7c
Karen Edwards, USEPA, Water Security Division
US EPA’s Community-Based Water Resiliency Initiative: An Integral Part of Holistic Water Resource Planning
Presentation 7d
Alan Barefield, Mississippi State University Extension
An Analysis and Evaluation of Factors Influencing Capacity Development of Public Water Systems in Mississippi
Presentation 7f
Neven Kresic & Leonard Ledbetter AMEC, Jim Kennedy, GA EPD, Dean Alford, Allied Energy Services
Sustainable Groundwater Use for Power Generation in Georgia, Case Study
Presentation 7g
Jennifer C. Murphy, USGS
Consumptive water use estimates for thermoelectric power plants in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint basin - Timothy H. Diehl-USGS, TN Water Science Center
Presentation 7h
Katherine H. Zitsch
Groundwater Sustainable Yield Assessment in Prioritized Aquifers of Georgia Coastal Plain Aquifer System - James Kennedy, GA EPD
Presentation 7i
John M. Sharp
Hydroinformatics to Assess Management Regimes: Using Directed Networks and a Groundwater Decision Support System to Span Science and Policy -Suzanne A. Pierce - Jackson School of Geosciences
Presentation 7j
Brent E. Huntsman, Terran Corporation
Groundwater Flooding – Unforeseen Consequences of Flood Control and Water Conservation in Dayton, Ohio
Session Title: 
Protecting Groundwater from Energy Impacts
Presentation 8a
J. Daniel Arthur, ALL Consulting
Internal and External Mechanical Integrity as Part of Unconventional Gas Development
Presentation 8b
Seth Sheldon, University of Massachusetts Boston
A model for relating environmental variation to water permit violations at thermoelectric facilities in the Taunton River watershed
Presentation 8c
Paul Ziemkiewicz, West Virginia University
Water Issues Related to Coal Mining in the Appalachian Basin
Session Title: 
The Environmental Sustainability of Nuclear Energy
Presentation 9a
William Skaff, Nuclear Energy Institute
A Holistic Approach to Environmental Stewardship: Water Use, Electric Power, and Nuclear Energy
Presentation 9b
Chris Thornell, Southern Nuclear Operating Company
The Fukushima Accident and Nuclear Safety in the United States
Presentation 9c
William Murphy, Duke Energy
Used Nuclear Fuel Management: Storage and Recycling
Session Title: 
Carbon Capture & Storage & Groundwater
Presentation 10a
Stephen R. Kraemer, USEPA Office of R&D, Athens
Modeling and Mapping the Area of Potential Impact for Class VI CO2 Injection Wells
Presentation 10b
Madalyn S. Blondes
Examining salinity restrictions for CO2 sequestration: Suggestions from basin to reservoir scales. -Margo Corum, U.S. Geological Survey
Presentation 10c
Erik Shuster, USDOE-NETL
Water Demand for Carbon Capture – Electricity Generation
Presentation 10d
Ryan J. Klapperich, Energy & Environmental Research Center
Extraction of Formation Water from CO2 Storage Reservoirs
Presentation 10e
John Litynski, Office of Coal Power R&D, USDOE - NETL
The USDOE Sequestration R&D Program: MVA for Groundwater Protection
Session Title: 
Water Use and Nuclear Energy
Presentation 9d
Nebiyu Tiruneh, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Power Generation: Water Needs and Environmental Impacts: NRC Review and Analysis
Presentation 9e
Kathy Yhip, Nuclear Energy
An Overview of the Nuclear Power Industry’s Ground Water Protection and Underground Piping and Tanks Integrity Initiatives
Presentation 9f
Robert Lotts, Arizona Public Service
Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Water Reclamation Facility
Presentation 9g
Exelon Representative
Recycling Mine Pool Water for Electricity Generation: Limerick Generating Station
Session Title: 
Hydraulic Fracturing Chemical Disclosure Initiatives
Presentation 11a
Mike Nickolaus, GWPC
FracFocus: Overview of history, process and public outreach efforts:
Presentation 11b
Gerry Baker, IOGCC
E-Reference: Promoting Regulatory Transparency
Presentation 11c
Paul Jehn, GWPC
RBDMS Hydraulic Fracturing Module: