Day 2

GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
Class VI UIC and Carbon Capture & Underground Storage
Victor Der
Global Status of Carbon Capture and Storage Victor Der, General Manager - The Americas of the Global CCS Institute
Mark Ackiewicz
DOE Update – Mark Ackiewicz, Office of Fossil Energy, USDOE
Susan Hovorka
Storage Effectiveness for EOR with Respect to State Reporting – Susan Hovorka, Gulf Coast Carbon Center
Bruce Kobelski
USEPA Class VI Implementation Progress and Update: GS Permit Applications and GS Guidance Documents - Bruce Kobelski, USEPA
Kevin Connors
North Dakota’s Class VI Primacy – Why, How, and What Now - Kevin Connors – ND Industrial Commission
Session Title: 
Shale Gas Development, UIC, and Ground Water Protection Issues
John Veil
The Impact of the Shale Play Revolution: How State Agencies are Responding -- Facilitator John Veil, Veil Environmental
Leslie Savage
State Water Recycle/Reuse and Well Construction Rules – Leslie Savage, Railroad Commission of TX
Joel Sminchak
Development of a Framework for Brine Disposal Wells in the Northern Appalachian Basin Based on Operational and Geologic Information - Joel Sminchak – Battelle
Austin Holland
Induced Seismicity from Fluid Injection and Draft Best Practices – Austin Holland, Seismologist, Oklahoma Geological Survey, University of Oklahoma
Kyle E. Murray
Fluid Injection Inventory for Class II UIC Wells of Oklahoma - Kyle E. Murray, Oklahoma Geological Survey
Trudy Curtis
Industry and Regulatory Cooperation for Better Information - Trudy Curtis, PPDM Association
Session Title: 
Class I & II UIC Issues Discussion Session
Ben Knape
Ben Knape, UIC Regulatory Issues Consultant