Day 2

GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
Nutrients in Groundwater
Barbara M. Carey
Nitrogen Dynamics at a Manured Grass Field Overlying the Sumas-Blaine Aquifer in Northwest Washington - Barbara M. Carey, Washington State Department of Ecology.
Ryan Chapman
Nitrates in Nebraska groundwater and a small town’s plight to avoid treatment - Ryan Chapman, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
Laurie Morgan
The Washington Nitrate Prioritization Project - Laurie Morgan, Washington State Dept. of Ecology
Session Title: 
Oil Gas Produced Water Management & Reuse
John Veil
Observations and Thoughts on Produced Water Management - John Veil – Veil Environmental, LLC
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Induced Seismicity Technical Session
Bill Rish
Assessing and Communicating Relative Risk of Induced Seismicity by Oil and Natural Gas Development – Bill Rish, Hull Risk Analysis Center
Dr. Todd Shipman,
Seismic Studies Program at the Alberta Geological Survey - Dr. Todd Shipman, Alberta Geological Survey, Alberta Energy Regulator
Chris Eisinger
Seismicity and the SWD-C4A Well: An ongoing UIC Case Study in the Denver Basin, Colorado Chris Eisinger, Stuart Ellsworth, and Bob Koehler, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Session Title: 
Groundwater Sustainability… a critical component of the ecosystem
Session Title: 
Groundwater Management and Sustainability
John Jansen,
Keeping the Pump Primed: Aquifer Sustainability - John Jansen, Cardno Entrix
Chris Carlson
The Forest Service Proposed Groundwater Directive:Status, Intent, and Path Forward - Chris Carlson, USDA Forest Service
Marlon R. Cook
Alabama Groundwater Sustainability: A Strong Scientific Foundation for Water Resource Management and Policy to Secure Alabama’s Water Future - Marlon R. Cook, Geological Survey of Alabama
William Alley
NGWA Informational Resources: Defining Managed Aquifer Recharge and Best Suggested Practices for Aquifer Storage and Recovery - William Alley, Ph.D., National Ground Water Association and Steven P. Musick, P.G., Ground Water Protection Council
Tuck Russell
ASR & Agriculture: How Washington Farmers are Moving to Smarter Water Solutions – Tuck Russell, Winery Owner
Jay Lazarus
Can the Ogallala Aquifer Sustain Long Term Ground Water Production? Jay Lazarus, PhD, Glorieta Geoscience, Inc.
Patricia Billingsley
Using Oil and Gas Data to Find Groundwater Supplies Patricia Billingsley and Madeline Dillner, Oklahoma Corporation Commission
William M. Alley
Characterization of Deep Groundwater, William M. Alley, NGWA
David Holt
Permian Basin Water Reuse and Surface Water Supplies - David Holt, Permian Basin Petroleum Association
Session Title: 
Oil and Gas Environmental Workshop
Bob Puls
State Baseline Water Quality Programs for Oil & Gas Operations- Bob Puls, Oklahoma Water Survey
Liz Chapman
The Use of Strontium Isotope and Element Geochemistry to Characterize Water from Fossil Fuel Sources - Liz Chapman, PhD., ECHELON Applied Geosciences
Charles Neslund
A Review and Comparison of the Methods and Variables within the Methods Used for the Investigation of Dissolved Gas Concentrations - Charles J. Neslund, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental, LLC.