GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
State Water Resources Planning-Why Plan?
Derek Smithee
How Oklahoma’s Comprehensive Water Plan has Driven Reuse, Recycling, WQ Standards, Water Rights and Other Regulatory Programs - Derek Smithee - Oklahoma Water Resources Board
Corinne Fitting
Why does Connecticut Need a State Water Plan? - Corinne Fitting, Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse
Dave Nazy
The Yakima River Basin Integrated Water Resource Plan – Dave Nazy, Washington Department of Ecology
Charley Palmer
The Headwaters of Water Planning in Alaska – Charley Palmer, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Session Title: 
State Water Resourc Planning- How to Develop a Plan
Sharon Megdal
Meeting Water Management Objectives through Groundwater Recharge Sharon B. Megdal, University of Arizona
Chi Ho Sham
AWWA Manual of Practice on Water Resources Planning - Chi Ho Sham, Eastern Research Group, Inc. and Lara Kammereck, Corollo Engineers
Kevin Kluge
The 2017 Texas State Water Plan and Joint Groundwater Planning – Kevin Kluge, Texas Water Development Board.
Session Title: 
State Water Plan Implementation--The ASR/MAR Factor
Tory Smith
Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Oklahoma: A State Comparison, Tory Smith, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
Matt Webb
ASR in Texas: The State in the State – Matt Webb, Texas Water Development Board
Glenn Dostal
Hastings ASR Project - Glenn Dostal PE-HDR Engineering Inc., and Marty Stange PE-Hastings Utilities (40 minutes)
Session Title: 
Gas Storage in the United States
Tom Tomastik
An Evaluation of Well Construction/Drilling/ Conversion Methodologies Associated with Gas Storage Depleted Field Operations in the United States - Tom Tomastik, ALL Consulting
Hal Fitch
Hal Fitch, MI DEQ
Session Title: 
State Water Plan Implementation
Carrie Raber
Advancing Groundwater Implementation through Watershed Planning - Carrie Raber, Steve Robertson, Jim Walsh, and Mark Wettlaufer, Minnesota Department of Health
Anne Carroll
Overview of Massachusetts State Water Planning and Policy: Identifying Gaps - Anne Carroll, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
Marlon Cook
Development of Alabama’s First Water Resource Management Plan: Are We There Yet? - Marlon Cook, Cook Hydrogeology
Session Title: 
Source Water Protection / Source Water Collaborative Initiatives
Bo Williams
Bo Williams, USEPA: Source Water Collaborative “Learning Exchange” initiative
Marty Link & Ryan Chapman
Leveraging as Many Water Programs as Possible for Maximum Impact Ryan Chapman, and Marty Link, Nebraska
Joseph H Fillingham
Creating Baselines and New Insights through Cloud Based, Stakeholder, Groundwater Monitoring Joseph H Fillingham Ph.D., Nick Hayes, CTO, and Marian Singer, CEO, Wellntel, Inc.
Session Title: 
Induced Seismicity by Injection
Joe Lee
The Potential for Induced Seismicity from Oil and Gas Wastewater Injection Wells and Unconventional Well Development in Pennsylvania - Joseph J. Lee, GWPC
Michael Young
TexNet and CISR: Seismicity Monitoring and Research in Texas - Michael H. Young, Alexandros Savvaidis, and Peter H. Hennings, Texas Bureau Economic Geology
Rex Buchanan
Kansas – Rex Buchanan, KGS