GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
General Session
Marty Link
Marty Link, GWPC President
Stan Belieu
Stan Belieu, Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson, Senior Advisor, Environmental Science and Policy Analysis, US DOE, Office of Oil and Natural Gas
Session Title: 
Storm Water Management & Groundwater Protection
Thomas Ballestero
“Infiltration and Hydrologic Characteristics of Stormwater Management Systems & Implications for Improving Designs” Thomas Ballestero, UNH Stormwater Center
Ben Binder
“Protecting Groundwater from Flood Borne Contamination” Ben Binder, Digital Design Group
Session Title: 
Gas Storage
Dan Arthur
“Mechanical Integrity Test Methods” Dan Arthur, ALL Consulting”
Session Title: 
Class I / III Roundtable
Bob Van Voorhees
“Class I Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities” Bob Van Voorhees, Underground Injection Technologies Council
Session Title: 
Private Well Vulnerability and Assessment
Kenneth Belitz
“Domestic Well Locations and Populations Served in the Contiguous U.S.: 1990” Kenneth Belitz, USGS, New England Water Science Center
Session Title: 
Produced Water
David Cercone
“DOE NETL Water Research in Oil & Gas Space” David Cercone, DOE NETL
Session Title: 
Groundwater Protection & Brownfields
Amy Dzialowski
“Revitalizing Communities and Protecting Human Health and the Environment: Brownfields Funding Opportunities” Amy Dzialowski, SCS Engineers’
Paul Locke
“Brownfields and Groundwater Remediation in Massachusetts” Paul Locke, Massachusetts DEP