Day 2

GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
General Session Emergency Response to Weather Related & Other Events
Shellie Chard
‘‘From Waste to Resource: A Changing Role for Storm Water’’ Shellie Chard, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
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Seismic Activity & Responses
Jeremy Boak
‘‘Patterns of Induced Seismicity in Central and Northwest Oklahoma’’ Dr. Jeremy Boak, Oklahoma Geological Survey
Mikel Diez
‘‘Induced Seismicity Management for Operators’’ Mikel Diez, Geostock
Kyle Murray
‘‘Data Mining the Known Unknowns of Oklahoma’s Class II UIC Data to Improve Injection Induced Seismicity Studies’’ Dr. Kyle Murray, Oklahoma Geological Survey
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Class I UIC Forum & Discussion
Ken Cooper
‘‘How Several Common Factors Influence Injection Well Performance, Testing and Permitting: Density, Temperature, and Friction’’ Ken Cooper, Petrotek Engineering Corporation
Monte Markley
‘‘Innovative Annulus Pressure Monitoring and Control Design for High Pressure Class I Wells with Depths in Excess of 10,000 Feet’’ Monte Markley, SCS Engineers
Aaron Payne
‘‘The Calculation of Injection Effects to Establish the Area of Review (AOR) for Class I Injection Wells’’ Aaron Payne, Petrotek Engineering Corporation
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General Session Slurry Injection
Jonathan Bishop
‘‘Permitting and Approval of Slurry Injection’’ Jonathan Bishop, California State Water Resources Control Boards
Omar Abou-Sayad
‘‘Slurry Injection Design & Monitoring for Waste Containment Assurance’’ Omar Abou-Sayad, Advantek