Day 2

Session Title: 
Oil and Gas Well Integrity Evaluations When Oilfield Activities are Considered a Possible Source of Stray Gas
Damian M. Zampogna
Summary of Water Quality Impacts from Historical Oil and Gas Well and Industrial Development in Northeast Pennsylvania Counties - Damian M. Zampogna, ALL Consulting
Session Title: 
Well Integrity Evaluation Short Course
Dan Arthur
Dan Arthur, ALL Consulting
Session Title: 
Physical and Inorganic Water Quality Changes in Groundwater Associated with Stray Gas
Anthony Gorody
Water Quality Changes Associated with Stray Gas Incidents - Anthony Gorody, Universal Geoscience Consulting
Session Title: 
Stray Gas Information Management
Paul Jehn
RBDMS Environmental: Online Reporting and Tracking of Environmental Data Associated with Oil and Gas Operations – Paul Jehn, Ground Water Protection Council
Session Title: 
Subsurface Gas Migration: Defining Migration Pathways Short Course
Scott Bair
Dr. Scott Bair, Ohio State University
Session Title: 
Long-Term Monitoring and Mitigation
Tim Eriksen
The Application & Case Studies of Geophysical, Remote Sensing & Earth Fracture Analysis Techniques to Identify Methane Gas Migration Pathways in the Subsurface - Tim Eriksen, Moody & Associates
John Sepich
Engineering Design of Methane Mitigation Systems - John Sepich, P.E., Brownfield Subslab
Keith C. Hackley
Collection and Analysis of Gas Samples from Probes and Groundwater - Keith C. Hackley, Isotech Laboratories
Session Title: 
Stray Gas Incidence Case Histories: Lessons Learned
Seth Pelepko
Tools for Assessing Stray Gas Migration: A Case Study in Pennsylvania - Seth Pelepko, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Oil & Gas Planning and Program Management
Kinga Revesz
Origin of Combustible Gases in Water-Supply Wells in North-Central Pennsylvania –Isotopic data from 2005 during a time when there was no Marcellus development or hydraulic fracturing activity – Kinga Revesz, USGS
Pete Penoyer
Mamm Creek Field Colorado: A Case Study in Potential Stray Gas Migration in an Unconventional Resource Development Context - Pete Penoyer, National Park Service
Peter Pope
The Parker County, Texas Study- Peter Pope, Railroad Commission of Texas
Scott Kell
Prevention of stray gas incidents: Ohio regulatory initiatives