Day 2

GWPC Proceeding: 
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Pre-Drill Surveys and Samples: Maximizing the value of pre-drill assessments
Timothy M. Eriksen
Potential Hazards of Horizontal Drilling and Recovery of Natural Gas & Oil from Tight Shale Formations in Areas of Historical Oil & Gas Development - Timothy M. Eriksen, P.G. Moody & Associates
Debby Yost
Baseline Water Quality Sampling in Shale Gas Exploration and Production Areas – Debby Yost, Chesapeake Energy
John Boulanger
The Occurrence of Methane in Shallow Groundwater from Extensive Pre-Drill Sampling - John Boulanger, AECOM
John Rachal
Real-Time Monitoring for Evaluating Long-Term Variability in Methane in Domestic Water Wells in Northeast Pennsylvania – John Rachal, GES
Robert W. Puls
Overview of State Pre-drill Water Quality Testing - Robert W. Puls, Oklahoma Water Survey Discussion
Scott Kell
Orphaned- Scott Kell
Session Title: 
Comprehensive Sampling Techniques, Analytical Techniques, Standards and Protocol
Johnny Robinson
Analytical Protocol for Oilfield Waters- Johnny Robinson, Hach Company
Carl J. Vavra
Environmentally Focused Technologies for Oilfield Water Treatment, Carl J. Vavra, Global Petroleum Research Institute, Texas A&M University
Robert W. Puls
ASTM Sampling Techniques, Analytical Techniques, Standards and Protocol - Robert W. Puls, OK Water Survey
Bert Smith
Evaluation of Common Cement and Bentonite Products used in Water and Monitoring Well Construction (or drilling) for Glycols, Alcohols, and Phenolic Compounds -Bert Smith, Chesapeake Energy
Session Title: 
After-Drill Surveys and Samples: Practical and efficient post-activity assessments
Kevin McCray
Communicating With the Water Well Owner when Oil & Gas Production is Nearby - Kevin McCray, NGWA
Peter Gintautas
Investigations for Complaints Alleging Impacts to Groundwater Quality from Oil and Gas Operations in the Raton Basin, Colorado - Peter Gintautas, CO O&G Conservation Commission
Session Title: 
Stray Gas Technical Detail
Debby Yost
Evaluation of the Relationship between pH and Dissolved Methane Concentrations in Groundwater from Wells in Northeastern Pennsylvania - Debby Yost, Chesapeake Energy
Session Title: 
Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback, Drilling Fluid and Produced Water Management, Treatment and Disposal Options
D. Steven Tipton
Mid-Continent Water Management for Stimulation Operations. D. Steven Tipton, P.E., Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc
R. Paul Bertetti
Risk Concerns Associated with Waste Disposal of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids by Deep Well Injection - F. Paul Bertetti, Geosciences and Engineering Division, Southwest Research Institute
Yael R. Glazer
A Cost-Benefit and Environmental Impact Analysis of Implementing Distributed Energy Sources to Treat Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater in Texas’ Permian Basin. Authors: Yael R. Glazer, University of Texas at Austin
Frank Zamora
Fracturing Fluids from Produced Water - Frank Zamora, Trican Well Service