Day 3

GWPC Proceeding: 

Day 3 Tuesday, September 27th

Session Title: 
General Session-- Water / Agriculture Nexus: Groundwater Quality and Quantity Issues Related to Agriculture
Presentation 12a
Marty Link, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
Power, Water and Everything Else
Presentation 12b
Noel Gollehon, Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA
United States Department of Agriculture: Resources Conservation Assessment
Presentation 12c
Mike Wireman, USEPA Region 8
Agricultural and Groundwater: An Overview of Current Issues
Presentation 12d
Neil M. Dubrovsky, USGS
High Nitrate in Shallow Groundwater: Status and Implications for Our Linked Surface-Water and Groundwater Resources
Presentation 12e
Michael Bowman, National Steering Committee, “25x’25”
“25x’25” – America’s Energy Future
Presentation 12f
Jay LazarusGlorieta Geoscience Inc
The Groundwater/Energy/Food Nexus – Robert Hagevoort,
Session Title: 
Groundwater & Agriculture
Presentation 13a
Dean Pennington, Yazoo Mississippi Delta Joint Water
Conjunctive Regional Management to Offset Declining Water Supplies
Presentation 13b
Mary Love Tagert, MSU, MS Water Resources Res. Institute
Keeping it on the Farm: Potential Water Quality and Quantity Impacts of On-Farm Storage Reservoirs
Presentation 13c
Jonathan Pote Mississippi State University
A Farm Storage Reservoir Optimization Model for the Mississippi Delta - Charles Wax, Robert Thornton, Chad Swindoll, Jason Sydejko, Mississippi State University
Presentation 13d
Roy Simon, USEPA
USEPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water Groundwater & Agriculture
Session Title: 
Class VI UIC Implementation Session
Presentation 14a
Lisa M. McWhirter, USEPA OGWDW
Timing for Applying for Class VI Primacy and Issuing Class VI Permits
Presentation 14b
Geologic Sequestration Data System
Session Title: 
Reducing the Need of Fresh Groundwater Use for Energy Production
Presentation 15a
Tom Lewis, Lewis Environmental Services, Inc.
Innovative Process to Upgrade Shale Gas Produced Water for Recycling verse Deep Well Injection
Presentation 15b
Joanna McFarlane, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Air versus Water Cooling in Engineered Geothermal Systems
Presentation 15c
Dave Bell, Purestream
Beneficial Reuse in the Oilfield: A Study of Water Distillation Technology and Beneficial Reuse of Waste Brine
Presentation 15d
Christopher Harto, Argonne National Laboratory.
Environmental Costs of Managing Geological Brines Produced or Extracted During Energy Development
Presentation 15e
Matthew Mantell, Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Deep Shale Development and Water Use, Part Three: Even Liquid-Rich Shales are Relatively Water Efficient
Session Title: 
State Regulator / USEPA Rountable Brownbag Lunch Session
Presentation 16a
Roy Simon, USEPA
Roy Simon, USEPA
Session Title: 
Aquifer Management for Water Quality
Presentation 17a
Daniel O’Rourke, CDM
Long-Term Potable Supply in Southold New York: Managing a Limited Freshwater Aquifer in a Largely Agricultural Region
Presentation 17b
Robert Fitzgerald, CDM
Exploring Sustainable Regional Groundwater Supply Alternatives to Manage Saltwater Intrusion in the Hilton Head Island Area - Kristina Masterson; Mark Maimone, and Katherine Zitsch, CDM; James Kennedy, GA DNR
Presentation 17c
Sandra M. Eberts, USGS
Simulated Influences of Upgradient Multi-Aquifer Wells on the Movement of Contaminants to Public-Supply Wells
Session Title: 
Source Water
Presentation 18a
Alexander Leff, Sher Leff, LLP
Protecting Your Water Supply and Your Bottom Line: Shifting Treatment Costs from Ratepayers to Polluters
Presentation 18b
Bruce M. Olsen, Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota’s Source Water Protection Grant Program
Presentation 18c
Roy Simon, USEPA HQ
National/Federal Source Water Program Update
Session Title: 
Natural Gas Development Seminar: Groundwater Protection and Hydraulic Fracturing
Presentation 19a
Renee Stone, Senior Advisor, Designated Federal Official, US Department of Energy
Update on Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Shale Gas Production Subcommittee 90-Day Report
Presentation 19b
Jeanne Briskin, USEPA ORD
Update on EPA’s Plan to Study the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water Resources
Presentation 19c
Charles “Chip” Groat, Energy Institute
Seeking Fact-Based Shale Gas Development Environmental Regulations
Presentation 19d
Sheila Olmstead, Resources for the Future
Regulating Risks from Shale Gas Development: A New RFF Study
Presentation 19e
Ann Codrington, USEPA
Update on USEPA Guidance on Use of Diesel
Presentation 19f
Michael Nedd - BLM
Hydraulic Fracturing on Federal Lands: The BLM Requirements
Presentation 19g
Leslie Savage, RRC of Texas
Legislation and Rules &
Presentation 19h
Scott Kell, Consulting Geologist
Environmental Defense Fund Draft Regulatory Development Guide: A Model Regulatory Framework
Presentation 19i
Lori Wrotenbery, Oklahoma Corp. Comm., O&G Division
State Review of Oil and Natural Gas Environmental Regulations: The Hydraulic Fracturing Multi-Stakeholder Initiative
Presentation 19j
J. Daniel Arthur, ALL Consulting
Water Management and Sustainability Planning for Unconventional Resource Development
Presentation 19k
John Veil, Veil Environmental
International Perspectives Shale Gas: It’s Not Just in North America Anymore
Session Title: 
Mining Existing Data for New Purposes
Presentation 20a
Lorraine C. Backer, P Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Update: Unregulated Drinking Water Initiative for Environmental Surveillance and Public Health
Presentation 20b
David Jackson, and Robert Blair KY Div. of Water
Pilot Study to Integrate Existing Karst Flow Data for Kentucky into the National Hydrography Dataset Created by the U.S. Geological Survey
Presentaton 20c
William L. Cunningham, USGS
The National Ground Water Monitoring Network: Six States Test the Framework Design
Presentation 20d
Jessica Lucido, USGS’s Center for Integrated Data Analytics (CIDA)
Development of a National Ground Water Monitoring Network Ground Water Data Portal for Interoperable Data Exchange and Mediation between States and Across the Nation
Presentation 20e
David R. Wunsch, NGWA
Updating the Framework Document for the National Ground Water Monitoring Network-Incorporating Sound Science and Sensible Realities:
Session Title: 
Nutrients & Groundwater
Presentation 21a
Chi Ho Sham, The Cadmus Group
Partnership to Improve Source Water Quality through Habitat Restoration at Remsen, Iowa
Presentation 21b
Bruce D. Lindsey, USGS
Near-decadal Changes of Chloride, Dissolved Solids, and Nitrate Concentrations in Groundwater in the United States, 1988-2010
Presentation 21c
Heather L. Welch, USGS
Occurrence of Phosphorus in Groundwater of Northwestern Mississippi
Presentation 21d
Jim Taft, Association of State Drinking Water Administrators
National Nutrients Initiative
Presentation 21e
Roy Simon, USEPA
USEPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water Groundwater & Nutrients