Day 3

GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
Treatment of Energy Water for Reuse
Presentation 77
Pei Xu, Colorado School of Mines
Viable Treatment Technologies for Promoting Beneficial Use of Produced Water
Presentation 78
Lucy Mar Camacho, New Mexico State University
Beneficial Re-Use of Brackish Water by Desalination with Direct Contact Membrane Distillation Technology
Presentation 79
Andy Hong, University of Utah
New Ozonation Process for Water Treatment Toward Sustainable Energy Development
Presentation 80
Ken Klinko, CDM, Inc.
A Look at Future High Recovery Produced Water Treatment
Presentation 81
Veera Gnaneswar Gude, New Mexico State University
Low Temperature Desalination: An Option of Sustainability and Energy Savings
Presentation 82
Carl Nesbitt, University of Nevada, Reno
Advances in Capacitive Deionization Using Reticle Carbon
Session Title: 
Water, Energy, and Agriculture
Presentation 83
Deborah Elcock, Argonne National Laboratory
The Impact of Biofuels on Projected Water Consumption for Energy Production and Other Use
Presentation 84
May Wu, Argonne, National Laboratory
Analysis of Water Consumption in the Major Life Cycle Stages of Bioethanol
Presentation 85
Martha Davis, Inland Empire Utilities Agency
Partnerships Between Municipal Water Providers and Agriculture for Alternative Energy
Presentation 86
Kent Holsinger, Holsinger Law
Challenges and Opportunities in Permitting Hydropower Projects on Existing Irrigation Facilities
Presentation 87
Howard Passell, Sandia National Laboratories
Collaborative, Stakeholder-Driven Water, Energy and Food Systems Modeling and Roadmapping
Presentation 88
Tom O’Connor, National Biodiesel Board
Sound Use of Water for Biomass Energy Production
Session Title: 
Joint Water Availability & Sustainability/Water Quality Session Water Management Planning Efforts
Presentation 89
Cat Shrier, Watercat Consulting LLC and Aquifer Storage Issues LLC
Groundwater Management and Aquifer Storage in the Atlantic Coastal Plain States
Presentation 90
Wayne Bossert, Northwestern Kansas Groundwater Management District 4
Enhanced Management for NW Kansas
Presentation 91
Robert Gailey, Consulting Hydrogeologist
Planning Combined Municipal Use of Groundwater and Surface Water: Technical and General Results from a Case Study
Session Title: 
Applications of Energy Water for Water Supply
Presentation 93
Richard Hammack, DOE, National Energy Technology Lab
Evaluating the Impact of Subsurface Drip Irrigation with Coalbed Methane Produced Water on Crop Yield, Soil Properties, and Groundwater Quality
Presentation 94
Katharine Dahm, Colorado School of Mines
Coalbed Methane Produced Water Quality Variations across the Rocky Mountain Region Emphasis on the Potential for Beneficial Use
Presentation 95
Danylo Oryshchyn, NETL
Flue-Gas Water as a Resource for CarbonCapturing Power-Plants
Presentation 96
David Stewart, Stewart Environmental Consultants
Using Produced Water as a New Water Resource
Presentation 97
David Alleman, ALL Consulting
Produced Water Treatment Catalog and Decision Tool
Session Title: 
Water & Energy Underground
Presentation 98
Corrie Clark, Argonne National Lab
Water Use and Large-Scale Geothermal Energy Production
Presentation 99
Matthew Jensen, Smith Hartvigsen
Reconciling Geothermal Resource Extraction with Western Water Law
Presentation 100
Fred Michel, Carleton University
Considerations for the Development of Thermal Energy Storage Systems in Abandoned Mine Workings
Presentation 101
John Kelly, Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium
Direct Exchange: What is it? What’s its Relationship to Ground Water? -
Presentation 102
Kevin McCray, National Ground Water Association
Ground Source Heat Pump Systems: Assisting Energy Savings While Protecting Groundwater
Session Title: 
Water Availability & Sustainability Water Resource and Demand Characterization:
Presentation 103
Janae Wallace, and Mike Lowe, Utah Geological Survey
Ground Water Quality Classification Mapping for the Basin-fill Aquifers in Beaver and Cedar Valleys, Southwestern Utah
Presentation 104
John Henrich, Bergerson-Caswell, Inc, & NGWA president
On the Front Lines of the Water/Energy Nexus: A Contractor’s Perspective of the Real World of Regulatory Oversight of Geothermal Heat Pump System Installation
Presentation 105
Fred Bloetscher, Florida Atlantic University
The Impact of Unsustainable Groundwater
Session Title: 
Water Quality Ground Water Quality & Stormwater:
Presentation 106
Candace Cady, UT Department of Environmental Quality
Integrated Stormwater Management in Utah
Presentation 107
Ted Lavery, USEPA R1
A Comparison of State Requirements of Stormwater Infiltration BMPs in New England
Presentation 108
Jeff Jollie, USEPA
Stormwater Updates from EPA’s Underground Injection Control and Source Water Programs
Presentation 109
Cary Betz, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Protecting the Edwards Aquifer through Stormwater Management
Session Title: 
Moving Forward-Roadmapping Results and Integrated Water-Energy Planning
Presentation 111
Bill Horak, Brookhaven Nat. Lab-
Water / Energy Planning and Management Issues – New York City Energy-Water Integrated Planning Pilot Study
Presentation 112
Gerald Sehlke, Idaho Nat. Lab
Meeting the Energy and Water Needs of the Snake/Columbia River Basin in the 21st Century
Presentation 113
John Veil, Argonne Nat. Lab
An Evaluation of Water Usage and Related Institutional Influences on Three Electric Generating Capacity Expansion Alternatives for the Western United States
Presentation 114
Dan Birch, Colorado River Water Conservation District
Northwest Colorado Energy Development Water Needs Assessment A
Presentation 115
Robin Newmark, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Data and Modeling Conflation Issues in Energy and Water Systems
Session Title: 
Moving Forward-Emerging Water National Legislation Interests and Directions
Presentation 116
Josh Johnson, Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Josh Johnson, Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Presentation 116
Nicole Carter, Natural Resources Policy Analyst, Congressional Research Service, The Library of Congress A
Nicole Carter, Natural Resources Policy Analyst, Congressional Research Service, The Library of Congress A
Presentation 116
Joe Lee
US DOE Symposium Wrap-up and Where We Go From Here