GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
Innovations in Water Reuse
Bill Honker
Water Reuse Establishing a New Regulatory Environment: EPA’s Perspective on Water Reuse – Peter Grevatt, EPA Director, Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, and Bill Honker, EPA Director Office of Water Region 6
Allison Woodall
State Approaches and Innovative Water Reuse Solutions Allison Woodall Texas CEQ
Patty Thompson
State Approaches and Innovative Water Reuse Solutions : Patty Thompson, Oklahoma DEQ
Robert Puls
Municipal Wastewater Reuse in Oklahoma - Robert W. Puls, Robert Puls Environmental Consulting, LLC
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Class I UIC Technical Session:
Stephanie Hill
Geologic Feasibility of Class I Injection Wells in the Deep Illinois Basin - Monte Markley and Stephanie Hill – SCS Aquaterra
Chad Milligan
Water Quality Treatment Considerations for Non-Hazardous Disposal Wells Injecting Under Pressure- Chad Milligan and Nicole Franken –SCS Aquaterra
Bob Van Voorhees
Challenges and Opportunities for Class I Well Permitting and Operations – Bob Van Voorhees, UITC
Session Title: 
Groundwater Training
Mike Wireman
Basic Principles of Groundwater Occurrence and Flow
Mike Wireman
Transport and Fate of Contaminants in Groundwater
Session Title: 
Class II Disposal Well Best Management Practices Workshop
Dan Arthur
Dan Arthur, ALL Consulting