GWPC Proceeding: 
Session Title: 
Source Water Protection in the Northeast
Lori Mathieu
“Development of Connecticut’s First State Water Plan” Lori Mathieu, Connecticut Dept. of Health, Drinking Water Section
Session Title: 
Oil & Gas Showcasing State Agility & Results
Jonathan Koplos
“States Filling the Gaps: How Are Updated State Hydraulic Fracturing Regulations Filling Data Gaps?” Jonathan Koplos, Consultant
Mike Nickolaus
“The Class II Peer Review Process: State Program Findings” Mike Nickolaus, GWPC
Session Title: 
Class V UIC Roundtable
Lorrie Council
Lorrie Council, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Session Title: 
Source Water Protection & Collaboration
Session Title: 
Oil & Gas GWPC Projects and State Cooperative Efforts
Michael Young
“Regional Induced Seismicity Collaborative” Michael Young, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
Mike Nickolaus
“Induced Seismicity Report Update” Mike Nickolaus, GWPC
Don Drazan
Automated Process for Mapping Directional and Horizontal Wellbores” Don Drazan, Drazan Energy, LLC
Paul Jehn
“RBDMS in the Cloud, RBDMS/WellStar: New Technology, New Features” Paul Jehn, GWPC and Thom Kerr, GWPC
Session Title: 
Groundwater State Issues & Priorities
Jacob Petersen-Perlman
“State-Level Groundwater Governance and Management in the United States: Results of a Survey funded by the GWREF” Jacob Petersen-Perlman, University of Arizona
Session Title: 
Groundwater Infiltration
Session Title: 
Assessing Brackish Water Resources
Danny Reible
“Sustaining Water Availability in Rural Communities- Expanding Brackish Water Use” Danny Reible, Texas Tech University
Session Title: 
Class II / VI Roundtable & Technical Session
Michael Parker
“Update on the ASTM Data Management Guide” Michael Parker, Parker Environmental Consulting, LLC