Day 3

GWPC Proceeding: 
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Joint GWPC/NRWA Educational Session EPA Water Priorities for 2013:
Ann Codrington
Ann Codrington, (USEPA)
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Joint GWPC/NRWA Educational Session Source Water Protection and Agriculture a Win/Win Partnership
Aaron Meyer
Agriculture BMPs and Source Water Protection and Sowing the Seeds of Success: A Drinking Water - Aaron Meyer, Source Water Specialist, Minnesota Rural Water Association
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Legislation & Regulations Governing Use of Hydraulic Fracturing:
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FracFocus Version 2.0 Operator Training
Mark Layne
Mark Layne, ALL
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GWPC Groundwater Report Work Session
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Source Water Protection Session
Andrews Tolman
The Salmon Falls Watershed Collaboration – Andrews Tolman, Maine Drinking Water Program
Matt Genchur
County Driven Approaches to Source Water Protection Implementation Matt Genchur