Day 3

GWPC Proceeding: 
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Well Installation & Wellbore Integrity
Ann Smith Part1
Reducing the Environmental Impact of Gas Shale Development Ann Smith, GSI
Susan Stuver Part2
Reducing the Environmental Impact of Gas Shale Development Ann Smith, GSI, Susan Stuver
J. Daniel Arthur
Summary of Recent Advances in Well Integrity Analysis for Wellbore Gas Intrusion - J. Daniel Arthur, ALL Consulting
D. Steven Tipton
Well Cementing - D. Steven Tipton, Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc.
Session Title: 
Stray Gas Prevention: Industry Initiatives
Glen Benge
Glen Benge, Benge Consulting
Session Title: 
Data Management and Public Availability
Mike Nickolaus
The FracFocus 2.0 System: A Better Way to Disclose Chemical Information - Mike Nickolaus, Ground Water Protection Council
Bill Hochheiser
Summary of FracFocus Public Disclosure Submittals: Process and Results. Bill Hochheiser, ALL Consulting
Rich Haut
FracFocus 2.0 Training – Rich Haut, Environmental Friendly Drilling
Paul Jehn
RBDMS, RBDMS Wellfinder, Wellbore and Environmental: Integrating and Tracking Oil, Gas and Water Data - Paul Jehn, GWPC
Session Title: 
Subsurface Gas Migration
Tom Tomastik
Conducting a Stray Gas Investigation and the use of Downhole Videography as an Investigation Tool - Tom Tomastik, Geologist, Ohio Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management
Session Title: 
Stray Gas Prevention: Regulatory Agency Initiatives
Session Title: 
Contamination Prevention: Site maintenance, inspections, investigations and remediation
Paul McNally
Well Site Spill Protection: Impacts, Trends and Technologies for Preventing Releases to Water Sources - Paul McNally, Golder Associates, Inc
Bob Griffith
Comprehensive Oil, Gas and UIC Inspections in Oklahoma: Bob Griffith, OCC
Tad Fox
Baseline Water Quality Characterization At Four USEPA Retrospective Case Study Areas for the EPA’s Study of Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Potential Impact on Drinking Water Resources. Tad Fox, Battelle