Day 4

GWPC Proceeding: 

Day 4 Wednesday, September 28th

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Joint Water Availability & Sustainability and Water Quality Divisions Session
Discussion Session
- No presentations given.
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Continuation...Natural Gas Development Seminar: Groundwater Protection and Hydraulic Fracturing con't.
Presentation 19l
Overview of Geology, Depositional Environments, Thickness, Areas of Gas Production - Joe Lee, PA DEP
Presentation 19m
Introductory Description of Hydraulic Fracturing - Matthew Mantell, Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Presentation 19n
Water Used for Hydraulic Fracturing: Amounts, Sources, Reuse, & Disposal – David Alleman, ALL Consulting
Presentation 19o
Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources in Ohio: How to Protect the Groundwater through Proper Well Construction and Cementing Practices - Tom Tomastik, Ohio Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management
Presentation 19p
Ground Water Baseline Testing for New Oil and Gas Activities – Why? What’s Important? How to do? - Ed Steele, Swift Worldwide Services
Presentation 19q
Development of “Greener” Alternatives - Greg Bradley, Dow Microbial Control
Presentation 19r
Disposal Options for Flow Back Water Overview of Shale Gas Produced Water Recovery and Recycling Technologies Options: Implementation, Effectiveness and Economic Lessons Learned - Tom Lewis, Lewis Environmental Services, Inc.
Presentation 19s
Geochemistry of Natural Gases in Quaternary through Devonian Age Strata in the Northern Appalachian Basin: Implications for Investigations of Stray Gas Migration - Fred Baldassare, ECHELON Applied Geoscience Consulting
Presentation 19t
State Oil and Gas Agency Groundwater Investigations and Their Role in Advancing Regulatory Reforms - Scott Kell, Consulting Geologist