2012 Annual Forum

GWPC 2012 Annual Forum
September 23-26, 2012
Nashville, TN

Final Agenda
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GWPC Annual Forum Opening Session

PDF icon Stan Belieu
Ground Water Protection Council Annual Forum. Stan Belieu, NE O&G, GWPC President

Groundwater Use and Protection Planning

PDF icon Brooks Abeln
Developing a Technically Sound Aquifer Testing Plan that Meets the Requirements of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) Brooks Abeln, SRBC
PDF icon Robert Webb
Climate, Drought, & Water Management: Federal Initiatives - National Integrated Drought Information System – Robert Webb, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
PDF icon Derek Smithee
Planning on Monitoring? Do a Monitoring Plan! – Derek Smithee, Chief, Water Protection Division, Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Water Well 101

PDF icon Mike Wireman
Transport and Fate of Contaminants in Groundwater. Mike Wireman-USEPA Region 8

Deep Groundwater Discussion Session

PDF icon Kevin Frederick
Deep Groundwater Kevin Frederick, WY DEQ; Groundwater Expert Panel
PDF icon Mike Wireman
"Deep" groundwater discussion session. Mike Wireman, USEPA Region 8
PDF icon Fred Bloetscher
The Potential Need for Deep Groundwater Use. Fred Bloetscher, Florida Atlantic University
PDF icon Andrew Manning
What is the permeability of Earth's upper crust. Andrew Manning, USGS

Practical Guidelines for the Investigation and Understanding of Potential Stray Gas Impacts

PDF icon Kelly Rose
Kelly Rose, NETL - NETL's Energy Data Exchange (EDX) - Supporting Science-Based Decision Making for Safe & Environmentally Prudent Energy Resource Development
PDF icon John Veil
A Review of GWPC’s Stray Gas Incidence & Response Forum - John Veil, Veil Environmental
PDF icon Lisa Molofsky
Stray gas: sources, migration mechanism-Lisa Molofsky, GSI Environmental, Inc
PDF icon Scott Haas
Pre- and Post-drill sampling of water wells – Scott Haas, SAIL Energy, Environment & Infrastructure, LLC
PDF icon Elizabeth Perry
Pre-drill GW Quality – Elizabeth Perry & Rikka Bothum, AECOM
PDF icon Lisa Molofsky
Lines-of-evidence approach to investigation of potential stray gas impacts-Lisa Molofsky, GSI Environmental, Inc.
PDF icon Julie Sueker
Application of isotope and molecular composition of gases to assess stray gas origin – Julie Sueker, Arcadis Inc

State Groundwater Regulatory Roundtable

Class VI Primacy & Class VI Permits

National Ground Water Monitoring Data Network

PDF icon Mike Wireman
Mike Wireman, USEPA Region 8 Framework Document and Pilot Results
PDF icon Daryll Pope
Daryll Pope, USGS One Pilot's Experience Outreach, Network Portal Demonstration-- Network additions, Network portal improvements
PDF icon Kevin McCray
Kevin McCray, NGWA What is the potential for funding? Congressional Activity

Other Data Portals and Quality Monitoring Efforts

PDF icon Paul Jehn
RBDMS Water - Potential Partner with the NGWMN, Paul Jehn, GWPC
PDF icon Michael Plastino
EPA's UIC Database Completion Initiative: Ron Bergman & Michael Plastino, USEPA

Groundwater Monitoring Efforts

PDF icon Charles Whisman
Real-Time Monitoring system for Evaluation Long-Term Variability in Methane in Domestic Water Wells in Northeast Pennsylvania - Charles Whisman, GES
PDF icon Marty Link
Managing Ground Water Data – Just as Important as Gathering It – Marty Link, NE DEQ

Groundwater and Oil & Gas Session

PDF icon Adam Carpenter
Protection of Drinking Water Resources in Oil and Gas Development - Adam Carpenter, American Water Works Association
PDF icon Shonnie Cline
Hydraulic Fracturing Research Needs for the Water Community, Shonnie Cline, Water Research Foundation
PDF icon Glen Benge
Design Process for Sustainable Long-Term Wellbore Integrity - Glen Benge, Deepak Khatri, and Brian Lockwich, Baker Hughes
PDF icon Robert Puls
Risk Management Best Practices for Oil & Gas Operations Using Hydraulic Fracturing, Robert Puls, Director, Oklahoma Water Survey
PDF icon David Alleman
Environmental Lessons Learned and Application of Best Practices to Both New and Existing Shale Plays, David Alleman, ALL Consulting
PDF icon Chi Ho Sham
Evaluating and Mitigating the Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction on Landscape Fragmentation and Erosion Potential - Chi Ho Sham, Ph.D., Salvatore DeCarli, and Brian Caccavale, the Cadmus Group, Inc.
PDF icon Edwin Pinero
Control and Treatment of Flowback and Produced Waters from Hydraulic Fracturing, Edwin Pinero, Veolia Water North America
PDF icon Michael Nedd
Managing Oil and Natural Gas Development on U.S. Federal Lands and Federal Mineral Estates - Michael Nedd, Bureau of Land Management

State Oil & Gas Regulatory Roundtable

USEPA Permitting Guidance for Oil & Gas Hydraulic Fracturing Activities Using Diesel

PDF icon Ron Bergman
Ron Bergman & Bruce Kobelski, USEPA OGWDW Specification Implementation (State, Industry, …)

Nutrients & Ground Water Roundtable

Joint GWPC/NRWA Educational Session EPA Water Priorities for 2013:

PDF icon Ann Codrington
Ann Codrington, (USEPA)

Joint GWPC/NRWA Educational Session Source Water Protection and Agriculture a Win/Win Partnership

PDF icon Aaron Meyer
Agriculture BMPs and Source Water Protection and Sowing the Seeds of Success: A Drinking Water - Aaron Meyer, Source Water Specialist, Minnesota Rural Water Association

Legislation & Regulations Governing Use of Hydraulic Fracturing:

FracFocus Version 2.0 Operator Training

PDF icon Mark Layne
Mark Layne, ALL

GWPC Groundwater Report Work Session

Source Water Protection Session

PDF icon Andrews Tolman
The Salmon Falls Watershed Collaboration – Andrews Tolman, Maine Drinking Water Program
PDF icon Matt Genchur
County Driven Approaches to Source Water Protection Implementation Matt Genchur