2013 Annual Forum

GWPC Annual Forum
September 23-24, 2013
St. Louis, MO

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Groundwater Protection: Reflecting Progress & Responding to the Future

PDF icon Gerry Baker
Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission -- Assistant Director – Gerry Baker

Groundwater: The Critical Water Resource for the Future

PDF icon Leonard F. Konikow
Long-Term Groundwater Depletion in the United States - Leonard F. Konikow, USGS
PDF icon Mike Wireman
What we know, what we don’t know and what we need to know about “Deep” Groundwater – Mike Wireman, USEPA Region 8
PDF icon Sharon B. Megdal
Groundwater Management: A Policy Perspective - Sharon B. Megdal, Water Resources Research Center, University of Arizona

30 Years of Ground Water Protection Council Development

PDF icon Dave Bolin
Dave Bolin, AL Oil & Gas Board, GWPC Founding Board Member

Nutrients in Groundwater

PDF icon Gordon Minns
New Electronic System Monitors Groundwater Impacts Near Runoff Holding Ponds - H. Gordon Minns, AgraTek
PDF icon David J. Mulla
Nutrient Sources and Pathways to Groundwater in Minnesota - David J. Mulla. Univ. of Minnesota.
PDF icon Jill Jonas
Wisconsin Groundwater & Nutrients - Jill Jonas, Wisconsin’s Bureau of Drinking Water and Groundwater
PDF icon Rick Cobb
Evaluating Nitrates in the Ambient Probability Based Network of Community Water Supply Wells Rick Cobb, Illinois EPA
PDF icon Michael Eggert
Nutrients and Ohio's Public Water Systems Michael Eggert, Ohio EPA
PDF icon Ryan Chapman
Nebraska Groundwater Management Plan for the Bazile Creek Area – Ryan Chapman and Marty Link, NE DEQ

Assessing & Managing Risk of Induced Seismicity by Underground Injection

PDF icon Austin Holland
Induced Seismicity from Fluid Injection and Draft Best Practices - Austin Holland, Seismologist, Oklahoma Geological Survey, Univ. of Oklahoma
PDF icon Lia J Lajoie
Seismic Response to Power Production at the Salton Sea and Coso Geothermal Fields, CA: Using Operational Parameters to Study Anthropogenic Seismicity Rates - Lia J Lajoie, Fugro Consultants, Inc.
PDF icon Nicholas J. van der Elst
Enhanced Remote Earthquake Triggering at Fluid Injection Sites in the Midwestern U.S. - Nicholas J. van der Elst, Columbia University
PDF icon Evelyn Roeloffs
USGS Earthquake Research on Injection-induced Seismic Activity: a Progress Report - Evelyn Roeloffs, USGS
PDF icon Kris J. Nygaard
Technical Considerations Associated with Risk Management of Induced Seismicity in Waste-Water Disposal & Hydraulic Fracturing Operations - Kris J. Nygaard, ExxonMobil Production Co.
PDF icon Joe Lee
Joe Lee Pennsylvania

Water Availability Sustainability Track

PDF icon Jamie Crawford
Making Use of Groundwater as Part of an Alternative Water Supply Strategy - Jamie Crawford, Mississippi, MS DEQ & GWPC President
PDF icon Jessica M. Lucido
The National Ground Water Monitoring Network Data Portal: From Pilot to Production - Jessica M. Lucido, USGS Center for Integrated Data Analytics
PDF icon Leonard F. Konikow
Streamflow Depletion by Wells–Understanding and Managing the Effects of Groundwater Pumping on Streamflow Leonard F. Konikow, USGS
PDF icon Fred Rothauge
Groundwater Prospecting – Looking Beyond Today’s Groundwater Supply Fred Rothauge, Hydro Resources
PDF icon D. Todd Fugitt
Status of Arkansas Groundwater Resources and Update of the Arkansas Water Plan - D. Todd Fugitt, Arkansas Natural Resources Commission
PDF icon Brian Bohm
Balancing Environmental Risks with Recycling of Produced Water- Brian Bohm, ALL Consulting

Water/Energy Track

PDF icon Robert W. Puls
Overview of State Pre-drill Water Quality Testing - Robert W. Puls, OK Water Survey
PDF icon Donald Siegel
Evaluation of Common Cement and Bentonite Products Used in Water and Monitoring Well Construction/Drilling for Gglycols, Alcohols, and Phenolic Compounds - Donald Siegel, Syracuse
PDF icon H. William Hochheiser
Considerations in Selecting Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals: Management of Health and Environmental Risks - H. William Hochheiser, All Consulting
PDF icon Dennis Coleman
Collecting Water Samples for the Determination of Dissolved Gas Concentrations Dennis Coleman, Isotech Laboratories, Inc.
PDF icon John Boulanger
The Occurrence of Methane in Shallow Groundwater from Extensive Pre-Drill Sampling in the Marcellus / Utica Shale Play - John Boulanger, AECOM
PDF icon Richard Wardrop
Real-Time Monitoring for Evaluating Long-Term Variability in Methane in Domestic Water Wells in Northeast Pennsylvania - Richard Wardrop, GES
PDF icon Dan Arthur
Developing Analytical Tools and Practices for Groundwater Quality and Production Well Integrity Investigations in Situations of Alleged Stray Gas Migration - Dan Arthur, ALL
PDF icon Jeanne Briskin
EPA’s Study of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water Resources - Jeanne Briskin, USEPA
PDF icon Donald J. Drazan
Revised API Well Numbering System - Donald J. Drazan, NYS DEC
PDF icon Mike Nickolaus
FracFocus 2.0: Focus on Transparency - Mike Nickolaus, GWPC
PDF icon Christopher Harto
Water Consumption for Fossil Fuel Exploration and Production Christopher Harto, Argonne National Laboratory
PDF icon Jeanne Eckhart
Hydraulic Fracturing Water Use in the Eagle Ford Shale Play: A Systems Dynamics Approach - Jeanne Eckhart, U. of Texas
PDF icon John Veil
Potential Environmental Impact of Produced Water - John Veil, Veil Environmental, LLC
PDF icon Bob Van Voorhees
Regulatory Framework to Promote Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage – Bob Van Voorhees, Carbon Sequestration Council

Water Quality Track

PDF icon Steve Musick
How do States Define “Usable Quality” Groundwater? - Steve Musick, GWPC
PDF icon Patricia Billingsley
Preventing New Groundwater Pollution from Old Oilfield Areas - Patricia Billingsley, Oklahoma Corporation Commission
PDF icon Sandra M. Eberts
Factors Affecting Public-Supply-Well Vulnerability to Contamination: Understanding Observed Water Quality and Anticipating Future Water Quality - Sandra M. Eberts, USGS
PDF icon Holly Green
Clean Water Act - Safe Drinking Water Act State/EPA Workgroup - Holly Green, USEPA Office of Ground Water & Drinking Water
PDF icon Amy Axon
Forming a Statewide Collaborative to Protect Drinking Water: Where We Are Today and What We’ve Learned Along the Way - Amy Axon, NC DENR
PDF icon John Hoagland
Creating Grassroots Solutions to the Collection of Unused Pharmaceuticals - John Hoagland, MO Rural Water
PDF icon David Murry
Class III In-Situ Uranium Injection Wells and Aquifer Exemptions in Texas: Multiple Levels of Permitting Protection for USDWs - David Murry, TCEQ