2013 Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series
July 9-11, 2013
Grapevine, TX

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Joint Opening General Session

PDF icon Ann Smith
Ann Smith, GSI

Introduction to Stray Gas

PDF icon Scott Kell
Scott Kell, Ohio Oil & Gas

Mitigation Measures to Protect Public Safety

PDF icon Kevin McCray
Best Suggested Practices to Reduce and Mitigate Problematic Concentrations of Methane in Residential Water Well Systems - Kevin McCray, National Ground Water Association
PDF icon Dale Kohler
Emergency Response Procedures and Protocol in Texas – Dale Kohler, TCEQ & Walter Gwyn, RRC of TX, Wichita Falls District Office

Overview of Water in the Drilling Life Cycle

PDF icon Melinda Truskowski
Exploring Environmental, Regulatory and Social Advantages of Produced Water Management/Treatment – Melinda Truskowski & Tekla Taylor, Golder Associates, Inc.
PDF icon David Alleman
26 Navigating Water Issues in Texas: Water Sourcing, Produced Water Management, Recycling, Spills, and Construction Issues - David Alleman, ALL Consulting
PDF icon Michael Overbay
36 US EPA Overview - Michael Overbay, EPA Region 6

Joint Luncheon

PDF icon Mike Paque, Stan Belieu, and Dave Bolin
Mike Paque, GWPC Executive Director; Stan Belieu, Nebraska O&G, GWPC President, and GWREF Board Member; and Davie Bolin, Alabama Oil & Gas Board and GWREF President
PDF icon Bridget Scanlon
Impact of Extraction and Electricity Generation Using Shale Gas on Water Resources in Texas, Bridget Scanlon, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology

Emergency Response Priorities for Stray Gas Incidents

PDF icon Scott Kell
Working toward Rational, Consistent, Science-based Risk-assessment Protocols-Scott Kell, Ohio Oil & Gas
PDF icon Debby Yost
Responding to Stray Gas Incidents: Marcellus Shale Coalition Recommended Practice - Debby Yost, Chesapeake Energy
PDF icon Scott Kell
Scott Kell, Ohio Oil & Gas

Water Quantity Used, Acquisition & Planning

PDF icon JP Nicot
Water Use for the Development of Texas Shale and Tight Plays - JP Nicot, Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
PDF icon Ryan Salmon
Hydraulic Fracturing Faces Growing Competition for Water Supplies in Water-Stressed Regions – Ryan Salmon, Ceres
PDF icon Kent Wilkins
Water Supply Planning, Availability and Opportunities in Oklahoma Kent Wilkins, Assistant Chief of Planning & Management, Oklahoma Water Resources Board
PDF icon Bob Patterson
Local Water Availability and Planning Related to O&G Development – Bob Patterson, Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District
PDF icon David Alleman
Traditional and Alternative O&G Production Water Sources (Resource Expansion) – David Alleman, ALL Consulting
PDF icon D. Steven Tipton
Treatment Requirements for Produced or Flow Back Water. Treatment Options for Recycling Frac Water. D. Steven Tipton, Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc.
PDF icon Leslie Savage
State Water Recycle/Reuse Rules – Leslie Savage, Railroad Com. of TX Discussion

Pre-Drill Surveys and Samples: Maximizing the value of pre-drill assessments

PDF icon Timothy M. Eriksen
Potential Hazards of Horizontal Drilling and Recovery of Natural Gas & Oil from Tight Shale Formations in Areas of Historical Oil & Gas Development - Timothy M. Eriksen, P.G. Moody & Associates
PDF icon Debby Yost
Baseline Water Quality Sampling in Shale Gas Exploration and Production Areas – Debby Yost, Chesapeake Energy
PDF icon John Boulanger
The Occurrence of Methane in Shallow Groundwater from Extensive Pre-Drill Sampling - John Boulanger, AECOM
PDF icon John Rachal
Real-Time Monitoring for Evaluating Long-Term Variability in Methane in Domestic Water Wells in Northeast Pennsylvania – John Rachal, GES
PDF icon Robert W. Puls
Overview of State Pre-drill Water Quality Testing - Robert W. Puls, Oklahoma Water Survey Discussion
PDF icon Scott Kell
Orphaned- Scott Kell

Comprehensive Sampling Techniques, Analytical Techniques, Standards and Protocol

PDF icon Johnny Robinson
Analytical Protocol for Oilfield Waters- Johnny Robinson, Hach Company
PDF icon Carl J. Vavra
Environmentally Focused Technologies for Oilfield Water Treatment, Carl J. Vavra, Global Petroleum Research Institute, Texas A&M University
PDF icon Robert W. Puls
ASTM Sampling Techniques, Analytical Techniques, Standards and Protocol - Robert W. Puls, OK Water Survey
PDF icon Bert Smith
Evaluation of Common Cement and Bentonite Products used in Water and Monitoring Well Construction (or drilling) for Glycols, Alcohols, and Phenolic Compounds -Bert Smith, Chesapeake Energy

After-Drill Surveys and Samples: Practical and efficient post-activity assessments

PDF icon Kevin McCray
Communicating With the Water Well Owner when Oil & Gas Production is Nearby - Kevin McCray, NGWA
PDF icon Peter Gintautas
Investigations for Complaints Alleging Impacts to Groundwater Quality from Oil and Gas Operations in the Raton Basin, Colorado - Peter Gintautas, CO O&G Conservation Commission

Stray Gas Technical Detail

PDF icon Debby Yost
Evaluation of the Relationship between pH and Dissolved Methane Concentrations in Groundwater from Wells in Northeastern Pennsylvania - Debby Yost, Chesapeake Energy

Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback, Drilling Fluid and Produced Water Management, Treatment and Disposal Options

PDF icon D. Steven Tipton
Mid-Continent Water Management for Stimulation Operations. D. Steven Tipton, P.E., Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc
PDF icon R. Paul Bertetti
Risk Concerns Associated with Waste Disposal of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids by Deep Well Injection - F. Paul Bertetti, Geosciences and Engineering Division, Southwest Research Institute
PDF icon Yael R. Glazer
A Cost-Benefit and Environmental Impact Analysis of Implementing Distributed Energy Sources to Treat Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater in Texas’ Permian Basin. Authors: Yael R. Glazer, University of Texas at Austin
PDF icon Frank Zamora
Fracturing Fluids from Produced Water - Frank Zamora, Trican Well Service

Well Installation & Wellbore Integrity

PDF icon Ann Smith Part1
Reducing the Environmental Impact of Gas Shale Development Ann Smith, GSI
PDF icon Susan Stuver Part2
Reducing the Environmental Impact of Gas Shale Development Ann Smith, GSI, Susan Stuver
PDF icon J. Daniel Arthur
Summary of Recent Advances in Well Integrity Analysis for Wellbore Gas Intrusion - J. Daniel Arthur, ALL Consulting
PDF icon D. Steven Tipton
Well Cementing - D. Steven Tipton, Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc.

Stray Gas Prevention: Industry Initiatives

PDF icon Glen Benge
Glen Benge, Benge Consulting

Data Management and Public Availability

PDF icon Mike Nickolaus
The FracFocus 2.0 System: A Better Way to Disclose Chemical Information - Mike Nickolaus, Ground Water Protection Council
PDF icon Bill Hochheiser
Summary of FracFocus Public Disclosure Submittals: Process and Results. Bill Hochheiser, ALL Consulting
PDF icon Rich Haut
FracFocus 2.0 Training – Rich Haut, Environmental Friendly Drilling
PDF icon Paul Jehn
RBDMS, RBDMS Wellfinder, Wellbore and Environmental: Integrating and Tracking Oil, Gas and Water Data - Paul Jehn, GWPC

Subsurface Gas Migration

PDF icon Tom Tomastik
Conducting a Stray Gas Investigation and the use of Downhole Videography as an Investigation Tool - Tom Tomastik, Geologist, Ohio Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management

Stray Gas Prevention: Regulatory Agency Initiatives

Contamination Prevention: Site maintenance, inspections, investigations and remediation

PDF icon Paul McNally
Well Site Spill Protection: Impacts, Trends and Technologies for Preventing Releases to Water Sources - Paul McNally, Golder Associates, Inc
PDF icon Bob Griffith
Comprehensive Oil, Gas and UIC Inspections in Oklahoma: Bob Griffith, OCC
PDF icon Tad Fox
Baseline Water Quality Characterization At Four USEPA Retrospective Case Study Areas for the EPA’s Study of Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Potential Impact on Drinking Water Resources. Tad Fox, Battelle