2013 UIC Conference

2013 UIC Conference
January 22-24, 2013
Sarasota FL



Aquifer Management & Underground Injection

PDF icon Stan Belieu
Stan Belieu, Nebraska Oil & Gas/GWPC President
PDF icon Micah McMillan
GAO Studies on Unconventional Oil and Gas Development: Key Environmental and Public Health Requirements and Risks - Liz Beardsley & Micah McMillan, Government Accounting Office (GAO)
PDF icon Bill Bryson Bob VanVoorhees
Facts & History of the US UIC Program – Bill Bryson – Kansas Geological Survey, and Bob VanVoorhees, Underground Injection Technology Council

Aquifer Storage and Recovery

PDF icon Gregg Jones
Solving the Problem of Elevated Arsenic Concentrations in Water Recovered from ASR Systems – Results from Long Term Testing in Three ASR Wellfields in Florida - Gregg W. Jones, SW Florida Water Management District
PDF icon June Mirecki
Water Quality Improvements During Aquifer Storage Recovery Cycle Testing at the Kissimmee River ASR Pilot Site, Okeechobee, FL - June E. Mirecki, US Army Corps of Engineers
PDF icon Robert Verrastro
Petition for an Aquifer Exemption at the L-63N (Taylor Creek) ASR System Okeechobee County, Florida - Robert T. Verrastro, South Florida Water Management District
PDF icon Christine Batchelder
Future Implications of Utilizing Dedicated Pumps for Groundwater Sampling - Christine Batchelder, Groundwater Essentials, & Craig Intelisano, Proactive, Bradenton, FL USA

Assessing & Managing Risk of Induced Seismicity by Underground Injection

PDF icon Austin Holland
Potential for Induced Seismicity within Oklahoma - Austin Holland, OK Geological Survey
PDF icon Tom Tomastik
Preliminary Report on the Northstar #1 Class II Injection Well and the Seismic Events in the Youngstown, Ohio Area – Tom Tomastik, Ohio DNR
PDF icon Robin McGuire
Induced Seismicity Potential and Energy Technologies - Robin K. McGuire, Lettis Consultants International, Inc.
PDF icon Scott Ausbrooks
Disposal of Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback Fluid by Injection into Subsurface Aquifers Triggers Guy-Greenbrier Earthquake Swarm in Central Arkansas - Scott Ausbrooks, Arkansas Geological Survey
PDF icon Grant Bromhal
Research in the Area of Induced Seismicity – Grant Bromhal, USDOE-NETL
PDF icon Jeff Bull
Induced Seismicity and the Oil and Gas Industry Oil and Gas Industry - Induced Seismicity Subject Matter Expert Jeff Bull
PDF icon Adel Younan
Technical Elements to Consider in a Risk Management Framework for Induced Seismicity - Adel Younan, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
PDF icon Tom Tomastik
Ohio's New Class II Regulations and Its Proactive Approach to Seismic Monitoring and Induced Seismicity – Tom Tomastik, Ohio DNR
PDF icon Tom Bass
Tom Bass West Virginia DEP, Office of Oil & Gas
PDF icon Stuart Ellsworth
Stuart M. Ellsworth, Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
PDF icon A White Paper Summarizing a Special Session on Induced Seismicity
This special technology transfer session for seismologists, regulators, and other stakeholders entitled “Assessing & Managing Risk of Induced Seismicity by Injection” was a part of the GWREF Spotlight Series.

Desalination Concentrate & UIC and other Class I

PDF icon Mark McNeal
The 14-Year Aquifer Exemption Experience for the City of West Palm Beach ASR Program - Mark B. McNeal, ASRus, LLC
PDF icon Mark McNeal
Florida’s Diverse Use of Class I Injection Wells - Mark B. McNeal, ASRus, LLC
PDF icon Hector Gonzalez
Workshop Summary for Desalination Concentrate Management Policy Analysis for the Arid West Project”; WateReuse and Water Research Foundations. - Hector Gonzalez, El Paso Water Utilities
PDF icon Scott Manahan
Desalination Concentrate Disposal Using Injection Wells: Technical Challenges – Scott Manahan and Robert G. Maliva, Schlumberger Water Services
PDF icon Joseph Haberfeld
Florida’s Class I Water Treatment Injection Wells - Joseph L. Haberfeld, Florida Department of Environmental Protection
PDF icon Susan Bodmann
Industrial Injection Well Disposal of Leachate from Ash Monofill, Class I, and Class III Landfills Lee/Hendry County, Felda, Florida, Solid Waste Disposal Facility -Susan Bodmann, MWH, and Ed Rectenwald, MWH
PDF icon Kirk Martin
Apparent Upward Migration Determination: Multi-level Diagnostic Strategies That Can Save Your Deep Injection Well - Kirk Martin & Stewart Magenheimer CDM Smith
PDF icon Harvey Youngquist & Bill Musselwhite Part 1
Applied Innovations / Solutions Based Approach to UIC Regulated Well Drilling – Harvey Youngquist, & Bill Musselwhite - Youngquist Brothers, Inc. Fort Myers, FL
PDF icon Harvey Youngquist & Bill Musselwhite Part 2
Applied Innovations / Solutions Based Approach to UIC Regulated Well Drilling – Harvey Youngquist, & Bill Musselwhite - Youngquist Brothers, Inc. Fort Myers, FL
PDF icon Harvey Youngquist & Bill Musselwhite Part 3
Applied Innovations / Solutions Based Approach to UIC Regulated Well Drilling – Harvey Youngquist, & Bill Musselwhite - Youngquist Brothers, Inc. Fort Myers, FL

Oil & Gas and Groundwater Regulatory Issues Discussion

PDF icon Ron Bergman
Ron Bergman, EPA Office of Ground Water & Drinking Water

General Session

PDF icon Nathan Atkinson
Protecting Groundwater: From the Litigator’s Perspective – Nathan Atkinson, Spilman Thomas & Battle

Class V UIC Issues

PDF icon Jeff Jollie
USEPA Class V Overview - Jeff Jollie, EPA Office of Ground Water & Drinking Water
PDF icon Matt Kohlbecker
Stormwater Discharges, Underground Injection Controls (UIC), and Potential impacts to Groundwater within the City of Portland, Part 1: Vadose and Saturated Zones Modeling - Matt Kohlbecker, & Heidi Blischke, GSI; and Barb Adkins, Joel Bowker, City of Portland, OR
PDF icon Michael Weatherby
South Hillsborough Aquifer Recharge Program (SHARP), Hillsborough County - T. Barton Weiss, P.G., James Duncan, P.E., Philip Waller, P.E., Michael Weatherby, MWH Americas

Class VI UIC

PDF icon Bruce Kobelski
Implementation Update from EPA - Bruce Kobelski, & Lisa McWhirter, EPA Office of Ground Water & Drinking Water
PDF icon Bob Van Voorhees
Building Out the Framework for CCS Deployment Practical Approaches for Implementing Early Stage CCS Projects, Bob Van Voorhees, Carbon Sequestration Council
PDF icon Andrew Duguid
Challenges Due to Uncertainty with Class VI Permitting - Andrew Duguid, Schlumberger Carbon Services
PDF icon Kelly Rose
Geospatial Analysis of Natural and Engineered Data in Support of Risk Assessment for CO2 Storage and Unconventional Resource Development Kelly Rose, Jennifer Bauer, Corinne Disenhof, and Angela Goodman, USDOE-NETL
PDF icon Joel Sminchak
Systematic Assessment of Wellbore Integrity for CO2 Geosequestration in the Midwestern U.S. - Joel Sminchak, Neeraj Gupta, and Mark Moody Battelle

Oil & Natural Gas: UIC and Aquifer Management

PDF icon Greg Casey
The Evolution of Class II Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Wells as part of the Shale Revolution - Greg Casey, Dan Arthur, Mark Layne, and Dave Bockelmann, ALL Consulting
PDF icon Dan Arthur
The Critical Link between Aquifer Exemptions and the Sustainability of Water Resources as Part of Unconventional Resource Development Dan Arthur, ALL Consulting
PDF icon David Alleman
The Use of Modeling for Lifecycle Water Management Planning in Shale Development - David Alleman, Dan Arthur, Jeff Cline, and Bill Hochheiser all of ALL Consulting
PDF icon Paul Jehn
Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS) Update – Paul Jehn, GWPC
PDF icon Matt Kohlbecker
Determination of Stray Gas Origin Using the Conceptual Hydrogeologic Model Matt Kohlbecker, GSI Water Solutions
PDF icon Scott Kell
A Review of GWPC’s Stray Gas Incidence & Response Forum – Scott Kell, OH Oil & Gas