2015 Annual Forum

2015 Annual Forum
September 27-30, 2015
Oklahoma City OK



Addressing the Challenges of Environmental Risk Communication

Water & Energy: Induced Seismicity by Underground Injection

PDF icon Kyle E. Murray
Modeling of Pressure Propagation from Saltwater Disposal Wells Completed in the Arbuckle Group, northern Oklahoma Kyle E. Murray, Oklahoma Geological Survey
PDF icon Rall Walsh
Understanding, Quantifying and Managing Risk from Injection-Related Earthquakes: A Case Study from Oklahoma Rall Walsh, Stanford University
PDF icon Kate Konschnik
Seismicity Issues – When the Potential for Liability meets the Promise of Data Sharing Kate Konschnik, Harvard Law

Hydraulic Fracturing and Your Community

PDF icon Thom Kerr
Water Cycle and Oil & Natural Gas Production - Thom Kerr, Thom Kerr, LLC
PDF icon Steve Tipton
The Oklahoma Water Conundrum - Steven Tipton, ALL Consulting

Water Quality: Dealing with Nutrients in Groundwater

PDF icon Virginia Walsh
Nutrient Reduction by Use of Deep Well Injection, Virginia Key, MiamiDade CO, FL Virginia Walsh, Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department, and Edward Rectenwald, MWH Americas, Inc
PDF icon Joseph J. Lee
Nutrients in Groundwater, and Public Water Supply Protection - Joseph J. Lee, Ground Water Protection Council
PDF icon Sandra M. Eberts
Assessing Nutrients in Principal Aquifers of the United States: An Overview - Sandra M. Eberts, USGS

Water Availability and Sustainability:

PDF icon Marlon Cook
A New Day for Alabama Groundwater Sustainability and Management: Science, Data Management, and Political Will, Marlon Cook, Geological Survey of Alabama
PDF icon Lauren Behel
How Leadership Changes Affect Sustainability Measures of Public Water Systems Lauren Behel, Mississippi State University Extension

Communicating Induced Seismicity by Injection to the Public

Joint GWPC & IOGCC Session OKC 2015: Where Water & Energy Mix

PDF icon Rick Simmers
Rick Simmers, Chief, Division of Oil & Gas Resources Management Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Drinking Water Providers Coordinating with the Oil & Gas Industry

PDF icon Chi Ho Sham
Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop Summary and Work Products - Chi Ho Sham, The Cadmus Group, Inc.
PDF icon Ashwin Dhanasekar
Colorado Water Watch – Ashwin Dhanaseker, Colorado State University
PDF icon Jill Cooper
The Oil & Natural Gas Industry Working to Enhance Water Management Technologies -Jill E. Cooper, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Water Quality: Groundwater Protection

PDF icon Glenn Brown
Quantifying the Potential Impact of Oil and Saltwater Spills to Oklahoma’s Water Resources, Glenn Brown and Nelly Ruiz, Oklahoma State University
PDF icon Arthur Koepsell
Overview and Implementation of Groundwater Sampling Rules in the State of Colorado, Arthur Koepsell, CO OGCC

Water Availability: Deep Groundwater & Aquifer Management

PDF icon Jerrod Smith
Hydrogeology, Distribution, and Volume of Saline Groundwater in the Southern Midcontinent and Adjacent Areas of the US – Jerrod Smith, USGS

Water & Energy: Unconventional Oil & Gas

PDF icon Rock Vitale
Marcellus Shale Coalition, Dissolved Methane Method Study - Rock J. Vitale, Environmental Standards, Inc. and
PDF icon Zacariah L. Hildenbrand
In situ methane detection: A new beacon for identifying contamination events andmonitoring groundwater quality in real-time - Zacariah L. Hildenbrand, Inform Environmental
PDF icon Peter Gintautas
Investigation of Occurrences of tert-butyl alcohol in Raton Basin Groundwater - Peter Gintautas, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
PDF icon Victor Heilweil
Stream Monitoring for Evaluating Groundwater Methane Associated with ShaleGas Development - Victor Heilweil, USGS
PDF icon Kris Andersen
Spill Response in Ohio: Practical Guidance for Operators of Horizontal Oil and Gas Wells - Kris Andersen, ALL Consulting
PDF icon William Rish
Health Risks from Drinking Water Impacted by a Flowback Water Spill in the Marcellus Shale Region - William Rish,
PDF icon Ashwin Dhanasekar
Innovative Tools to Optimize Fluids Management in the Shale Gas Industry Ken Carlson, & Ashwin Dhanasekar, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University
PDF icon David Yoxtheimer
Shale Energy Produced Fluids Management and UIC Well Disposal Trends - David Yoxtheimer, Penn State University

Abandoned Oil and Gas Well Sites

PDF icon Kim Collings
Kentucky Abandoned and Orphan Well Plugging Program – Kim Collings, Kentucky Division of Oil & Gas
PDF icon Larry Bengal
Arkansas Abandoned and Orphan Well Plugging Program Larry Bengal, Arkansas Oil & Gas Com.
PDF icon Patrick Shields
Kansas Abandoned and Orphan Well Plugging Program - Patrick Shields, Kansas Corporation Com.

Analyzing Water & Chemical Use Data: Hydraulic Fracturing Chemical Info

PDF icon Kate Konschnik
Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Reporting: Analysis of FracFocus 1.0 and 2.0 - Kate Konschnik, Harvard Law
PDF icon Jill Dean
Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Data from the FracFocus Chemical Disclosure Registry 1.0 – Jill Dean, USEPA
PDF icon Mike Nickolaus
Water Use by Sector: An Analysis of FracFocus and USGS Water Use Data – Mike Nickolaus, GWPC

Water Quality: Source Water Protection for Domestic Wells

PDF icon Steve Wilson
A Best Practices Manual for Outreach & Education to Private Well Owners Steve Wilson- State Water Survey, U. of Illinois
PDF icon James W. Weaer
Environmental and Demographic Factors Affecting Domestic Well Usage in OK - James W. Weaver, USEPA
PDF icon Steve Wilson
A National Program For Outreach & Education To Private Well Owners Steve Wilson- State Water Survey, University of Illinois
PDF icon Wilson Mize
-Overview of North Carolina’s Private Drinking Water Well Program – Wilson Mize, NC DHHS-DPH -Local Health Department Challenges and Successes in the Private Drinking Water Well Program – Wilson Mize, NC DHHS-DPH

Water Availability: Groundwater Management & Planning

PDF icon Derek Smithee
Groundwater Management Decisions – Good Data leads to Good Decisions, Derek Smithee, OK Water Resources Board
PDF icon Kate Zerrenner
Is Texas the Next Global Leader in Energy-Water Planning? Clean Technology and Data Hold the Answer - Kate Zerrenner, Environmental Defense Fund
PDF icon Patrick J. Higgins
Aquifer Recovery in South Arkansas and North Louisiana through Public Policy, Science, Monitoring and Partnerships - Patrick J. Higgins, Burns & McDonnell Engineering
PDF icon Fred Bloetscher
ASR Status in the United States, Fred Bloetscher, FL Atlantic U
PDF icon Andra Wilcox
Stakeholder Engagement and Development of Water Management Strategies - Andra Wilcox – Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems

Competing Demands for Water Supply

PDF icon Kevin McCray
America’s Dependence on Groundwater: Market Segment Trends in a Changing Marketplace - Kevin McCray NGWA
PDF icon Dan Yates
Making Use of Groundwater as Part of an Alternative Water Supply Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change – Dan Yates, GWPC
PDF icon James Roberts
Diminishing Water Re-sources: The Need for Inter-disciplinary Holistic Approaches to Groundwater Development and Management - James W. Roberts, Pro. Engineering Cons.

Oil & Gas Environmental Information

PDF icon Shirley Neff
The National Oil & Gas Gateway Shirley Neff, Energy Information Administration
PDF icon Paul Jehn
WaterTracker: Tracking the use and disposal of water associated with oil and gas production, Paul Jehn GWPC
PDF icon Paul Jehn
RBDMS Environmental Application for all water monitoring programs, Paul Jehn GWPC

Water & Energy: Oil & Gas Produced Water Management

PDF icon Tom Lewis
Innovative Process to Recycle Shale Gas Produced Water Utilizing By-Product Recovery Eliminating Disposal via Deep Well Injection, Tom Lewis, Lewis Environmental Services
PDF icon John Veil
Produced Water Volumes and Management Practices - John Veil, Veil Environmental, LLC.

Groundwater Monitoring

PDF icon Daryll Pope
Development and Implementation of the National GroundWater Monitoring Network Daryll Pope, USGS
PDF icon Sandra Eberts
NAWQA groundwater monitoring effort, where state data could fit in. – Sandra Eberts, USGS

Hydraulic Fracturing and Water

PDF icon Jeff Frithsen
Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas on Drinking Water Resources in the United States –Jeff Frithsen, USEPA
PDF icon Robert Puls
Water Use for High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in Oklahoma, Robert W. Puls, Robert Puls Environmental Consulting, LLC
PDF icon Joe Lee
High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing and Protection of Public Water Supply Sources - Joseph J. Lee, GWPC

Innovations in Water Reuse

PDF icon Bill Honker
Water Reuse Establishing a New Regulatory Environment: EPA’s Perspective on Water Reuse – Peter Grevatt, EPA Director, Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, and Bill Honker, EPA Director Office of Water Region 6
PDF icon Allison Woodall
State Approaches and Innovative Water Reuse Solutions Allison Woodall Texas CEQ
PDF icon Patty Thompson
State Approaches and Innovative Water Reuse Solutions : Patty Thompson, Oklahoma DEQ
PDF icon Robert Puls
Municipal Wastewater Reuse in Oklahoma - Robert W. Puls, Robert Puls Environmental Consulting, LLC

Class I UIC Technical Session:

PDF icon Stephanie Hill
Geologic Feasibility of Class I Injection Wells in the Deep Illinois Basin - Monte Markley and Stephanie Hill – SCS Aquaterra
PDF icon Chad Milligan
Water Quality Treatment Considerations for Non-Hazardous Disposal Wells Injecting Under Pressure- Chad Milligan and Nicole Franken –SCS Aquaterra
PDF icon Bob Van Voorhees
Challenges and Opportunities for Class I Well Permitting and Operations – Bob Van Voorhees, UITC

Groundwater Training

PDF icon Mike Wireman
Basic Principles of Groundwater Occurrence and Flow
PDF icon Mike Wireman
Transport and Fate of Contaminants in Groundwater

Class II Disposal Well Best Management Practices Workshop

PDF icon Dan Arthur
Dan Arthur, ALL Consulting