2015 UIC Conference

UIC 2015 Conference
February 9-11, 2015
Austin, TX

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Day 1 Overview

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Aquifer Management & Underground Injection

PDF icon Robert Van Voorhees
Cooperation Advances the Protection of Drinking Water Sources - Robert Van Voorhees, Executive Director Underground Injection Technology Council Abstract 4
PDF icon John Veil
Class II Injection Wells Are an Integral Part of U.S. Oil and Gas Production - John Veil, Veil Environmental - Abstract 5
PDF icon Bill Rish
Everything Old is New Again: 40 Years of Assessing Risks of Underground Injection of Waste - Bill Rish, Hull Risk Analysis Center, Abstract 6

Induced Seismicity by Underground Injection

PDF icon Glen Brown Part 1
Worldwide Seismic Activity and Earthquake Activity in Oklahoma - Glen Brown, Continental Resources Abstract 7
PDF icon Glen Brown Part 2
Worldwide Seismic Activity and Earthquake Activity in Oklahoma - Glen Brown, Continental Resources Abstract 7
PDF icon Phillip Dellinger
Minimizing and Managing Potential Impacts of Injection-Induced Seismicity from Class II Disposal Wells: Practical Approaches - Phillip Dellinger – USEPA Region6 Abstract 8
PDF icon Phillip Dellinger
EPA IS Poster
PDF icon Phillip Dellinger
Link to EPA IS document
PDF icon Ernest Majer
Latest Developments in Best Practices and Mitigation Efforts for Induced Seismicity - Ernest Majer, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory Abstract 9
PDF icon Thomas E. Tomastik
A Proactive Approach to Induced Seismicity: Can the Oil and Gas Industry Manage Induced Seismicity and Work in Cooperation With the Regulatory Agencies? -Thomas E. Tomastik, and J. Daniel Arthur, ALL Consulting Abstract 10

Oil & Natural Gas Water Management

PDF icon Joel Sminchak
Brine Disposal Reservoirs in the Appalachian Basin: Injection Performance and Geological Properties - Joel Sminchak, John Miller, and Neeraj Gupta. Battelle, Columbus, Ohio Abstract 12
PDF icon John Veil
New Information on Produced Water Volumes and Management Practices - John Veil, Veil Environmental Abstract 13
PDF icon David Yoxtheimer
Shale Energy Produced Fluids Management and UIC Well Disposal Trends - David Yoxtheimer, Penn State University Abstract 14
PDF icon J. Daniel Arthur
Class II Saltwater Disposal Wells in Ohio: Understanding the Avenue to Success - J. Daniel Arthur, Thomas E. Tomastik, and David Overstreet, ALL Consulting Abstract 15

Aquifer Exemptions

PDF icon Ron Bergman
Aquifer Exemptions - Ron Bergman, Acting Division Director, USEPA Drinking Water Protection Division, to provide education and outreach regarding aquifer exemptions to the regions, states, and the regulated community on the record of decision memo/document checklist that will be used by the regions to document aquifer exemption decisions. Abstract 18
PDF icon Joe Tiago
Proposed Rule - 40 CFR 192: Health and Environmental Protection Standards for Uranium and Thorium Mill Tailings Joe Tiago, USEPA OGWDW Abstract 19
PDF icon Kurt Hildebrandt
USEPA Region representative – Kurt Hildebrandt, USEPA Region 7
PDF icon Lynn Thorp
Environmental NGO representative - Lynn Thorp, Clean Water Action Abstract 20
PDF icon Mark Pelizza
Class III operator representative – Mark Pelizza, Pelizza & Associates Abstract 21

Oil and Natural Gas Environmental Initiative

PDF icon Debby Yost
A Status Update on the Marcellus Shale Coalition Dissolved Methane Method Study – Debby Yost, Chesapeake Energy Abstract 23
PDF icon Mike Nickolaus
State Oil & Gas Regulations Designed to Protect Water Resources: Reflecting the Continuing Progress of the States – Mike Nickolaus, GWPC Abstract 24
PDF icon Kate Konschnik
Regulatory Developments in Baseline Water Quality Testing and Monitoring – Kate Konschnik, Harvard Law Abstract 26
PDF icon Jon Fennell
Smart-Monitoring to Address Risks of Unconventional Gas Development - Jon Fennell, Integrated Sustainability Consultants Ltd. Abstract 28
PDF icon Paul Jehn
RBDMS, FracFocus, The National Oil and Gas Gateway, Water Tracker, and the Wellfinder APP: Providing the tools to access information on oil, gas, and UIC activities- Paul Jehn, GWPC, and Stan Belieu, NOGCC Abstract 29