2016 Annual Forum

2016 Annual Forum
September 11-14, 2016
Orlando, FL

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Addressing Groundwater Quality

PDF icon Mark Hildebrand
Shrinking Budgets and More Powerful Microscopes: A Tale of Budget Cuts, Regulation, and Protecting Public Health – Mark Hildebrand, OK DEQ
PDF icon Craig Caldwell
Groundwater Quality Protection in North Carolina - Craig Caldwell, P.G. North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality / Division of Water Resources
PDF icon Jenna Kromann
A Protocol for Baseline Sampling of Water Sources in Areas of Shale Oil and Gas Development - Stephen D. Richardson, Jenna S. Kromann, Lisa J. Molofsky, Ann P. Smith, John Connor, and David Cercone, GSI Environmental

Opening Session

PDF icon Marty Link
Marty Link, Nebraska DEQ and GWPC President
PDF icon Kevin McCray
Groundwater Sustainability: The National Ground Water Association’s Position - Kevin McCray, National Ground Water Association
PDF icon Sandra Eberts
USGS Water Availability and Use Science Program - Sandra Eberts, National Water Quality Assessment Program, USGS
PDF icon Mary Scruggs
Overview of Selected USDOA Agencies and Efforts Related to Agriculture, Groundwater, and Water Availability – Mary Scruggs, Sr. Advisor, Water Resources, USDA/OSA/OCS
PDF icon Michael E. Campana
Groundwater: Plans, Pitfalls, and Prognostications – Michael E. Campana, American Water Resources Association

State Water Resources Planning-Why Plan?

PDF icon Derek Smithee
How Oklahoma’s Comprehensive Water Plan has Driven Reuse, Recycling, WQ Standards, Water Rights and Other Regulatory Programs - Derek Smithee - Oklahoma Water Resources Board
PDF icon Corinne Fitting
Why does Connecticut Need a State Water Plan? - Corinne Fitting, Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse
PDF icon Dave Nazy
The Yakima River Basin Integrated Water Resource Plan – Dave Nazy, Washington Department of Ecology
PDF icon Charley Palmer
The Headwaters of Water Planning in Alaska – Charley Palmer, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

State Water Resourc Planning- How to Develop a Plan

PDF icon Sharon Megdal
Meeting Water Management Objectives through Groundwater Recharge Sharon B. Megdal, University of Arizona
PDF icon Chi Ho Sham
AWWA Manual of Practice on Water Resources Planning - Chi Ho Sham, Eastern Research Group, Inc. and Lara Kammereck, Corollo Engineers
PDF icon Kevin Kluge
The 2017 Texas State Water Plan and Joint Groundwater Planning – Kevin Kluge, Texas Water Development Board.

State Water Plan Implementation--The ASR/MAR Factor

PDF icon Tory Smith
Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Oklahoma: A State Comparison, Tory Smith, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
PDF icon Matt Webb
ASR in Texas: The State in the State – Matt Webb, Texas Water Development Board
PDF icon Glenn Dostal
Hastings ASR Project - Glenn Dostal PE-HDR Engineering Inc., and Marty Stange PE-Hastings Utilities (40 minutes)

Gas Storage in the United States

PDF icon Tom Tomastik
An Evaluation of Well Construction/Drilling/ Conversion Methodologies Associated with Gas Storage Depleted Field Operations in the United States - Tom Tomastik, ALL Consulting
PDF icon Hal Fitch
Hal Fitch, MI DEQ

State Water Plan Implementation

PDF icon Carrie Raber
Advancing Groundwater Implementation through Watershed Planning - Carrie Raber, Steve Robertson, Jim Walsh, and Mark Wettlaufer, Minnesota Department of Health
PDF icon Anne Carroll
Overview of Massachusetts State Water Planning and Policy: Identifying Gaps - Anne Carroll, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
PDF icon Marlon Cook
Development of Alabama’s First Water Resource Management Plan: Are We There Yet? - Marlon Cook, Cook Hydrogeology

Source Water Protection / Source Water Collaborative Initiatives

PDF icon Bo Williams
Bo Williams, USEPA: Source Water Collaborative “Learning Exchange” initiative
PDF icon Marty Link & Ryan Chapman
Leveraging as Many Water Programs as Possible for Maximum Impact Ryan Chapman, and Marty Link, Nebraska
PDF icon Joseph H Fillingham
Creating Baselines and New Insights through Cloud Based, Stakeholder, Groundwater Monitoring Joseph H Fillingham Ph.D., Nick Hayes, CTO, and Marian Singer, CEO, Wellntel, Inc.

Induced Seismicity by Injection

PDF icon Joe Lee
The Potential for Induced Seismicity from Oil and Gas Wastewater Injection Wells and Unconventional Well Development in Pennsylvania - Joseph J. Lee, GWPC
PDF icon Michael Young
TexNet and CISR: Seismicity Monitoring and Research in Texas - Michael H. Young, Alexandros Savvaidis, and Peter H. Hennings, Texas Bureau Economic Geology
PDF icon Rex Buchanan
Kansas – Rex Buchanan, KGS

State Water Implementation Con't

PDF icon Owen Mills
State Water Plan Implementation: Going from Shelf to Implementation – Owen Mills, Oklahoma Water Resources Board
PDF icon Shi Chen
Implementing Water Management Regulations in Massachusetts: the Challenges and Solutions – Shi Chen, Massachusetts DEP

Class I and VI UIC Tech Session

PDF icon Sai Gollakota
Groundwater Monitoring Under a UIC Class VI Permit for a Carbon Storage Project - Sai Gollakota,
PDF icon Stephen Duering
A Day in the Life of a Deepwell - Stephen Duering, Novus International, Inc
PDF icon Lorrie Council
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Class I Injection Well Program Update, Lorrie Council and David Murry, TCEQ