2017 UIC Conference

2017 UIC Conference
February 21-23, 2017
Austin, TX


Opening General Session

PDF icon Lori Wrotenbery
Lori Wrotenbery, TX RRC – “Texas UIC”
PDF icon Charles Maguire
Charles Maguire, TCEQ, Texas UIC – “UIC Priorities”
PDF icon Bill Honker
Bill Honker, US EPA - “EPA Region 6 Update”

UIC & Gas Storage

PDF icon Talib Syed
“Wellbore Integrity of Gas Storage Wells – Current Perspectives” Talib Syed, Talib Syed & Associates, Inc.
PDF icon Adam Peltz
“Gas Storage Regulation After Aliso Canyon” Adam Peltz, EDF
PDF icon Robert Van Voorhees
"UIC Program & Gas Storage" Bob Van Voorhees, Bryan Cave

Class II & VI UIC

PDF icon Dan Arthur
“Oilfield Water Injection: A Summary of Issues” Dan Arthur, ALL Consulting

Produced Water Forum

PDF icon John Connor
“Lines of Evidence for Evaluating Potential Impacts from Produced Water on Groundwater” John Connor, GSI Environmental Inc.
PDF icon Rob Renner
“WRF Update” Rob Renner, Water Research Foundation
PDF icon John Veil
“GWPC Produced Water Report Update” John Veil, Veil Environmental, LLC
PDF icon Rick McCurdy
“Beneficial Use of Produced Water – Sounds Simple Enough” Rick McCurdy, Chesapeake Energy
PDF icon Kenneth Nichols
Kenneth Nichols, Devon Energy Corp. - "Produced Water — Transportation and Logistics Challenges"

Class I UIC

PDF icon Ed Rectenwald & Dr. Virginia Walsh
“Magnum Scale UIC Class I Injection Well Implementation Program, Miami-Dade County, Florida” Ed Rectenwald, MWH Stantec, Dr. Virginia Walsh, Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department
PDF icon Ken Cooper
“An Introduction to Pressure Transient Testing of Injection Wells & Use for UIC Permit and Landban Petition Compliance” Ken Cooper, Petrotek
PDF icon Chad Milligan
“Water Quality Treatment Considerations for Non-Hazardous Disposal Wells Injecting Produced Fluids from Three Different Coal Mines” Chad Milligan, SCS Engineers
PDF icon David Murry
“Seismicity in Texas in Relation to Active Class I Underground Injection Control Wells: Preliminary Observations” David Murry, TCEQ

Aquifer Exemption

PDF icon Robert Van Vorrhees
"Legal & Regulatory Framework for Identifying USDW's & Exempted Aquifers" Bob Van Voorhees, Bryan Cave
PDF icon Hal Demuth
“Review of the Aquifer Exemption Process, History & Implementation Related to Groundwater Protection & Use” Hal Demuth, Petrotek Engineering Corporation

Seismic Regulation and Practice

PDF icon Tom Tomastik
“Managing Injection-Induced Seismicity Through Monitoring & Mitigation” Tom Tomastik, ALL Consulting
PDF icon Tim Baker
“The Oil & Gas Division’s Approach to Reducing the Risk of Induced Seismicity from Oil & Gas Activity” Tim Baker, Oklahoma Corporation Commission
PDF icon Michael Young
“TexNet and CISR: An Update on Monitoring and Understanding Seismicity in Texas” Michael Young, University of Texas at Austin

Alternative Water Resources: Brackish Groundwater, Aquifer Storage & Recovery, and Concentrate Management:

PDF icon John Meyer
“Texas-Brackish Aquifer Mapping” John E. Meyer, P.G., Texas Water Development Board
PDF icon Brad Cross
“Aquifer Exemptions & Desalination Concentrate Management: The El Paso Texas Story” Brad Cross, LBG-Guyton

Aquifer Storage & Recovery: Storage for the Future

PDF icon Matt Webb
“Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Texas” Matt Webb, Texas Water Development Board
PDF icon Lorrie Council
“New UIC Aquifer Storage and Recovery Regulations in Texas and Prospective Projects” Lorrie Council, TCEQ
PDF icon Roberto Macias
“San Antonio Water System: ASR Drought Management Operations” Roberto Macias, San Antonio Water System
PDF icon Saba Tahmassebi
“Planning for ASR in Oklahoma” Saba Tahmassebi, Oklahoma DEQ
PDF icon Saba Tahmassebi
“Planning for ASR in Oklahoma” Saba Tahmassebi, Oklahoma DEQ