2019 UIC Conference

2019 UIC Conference
February 24-27, 2019
Sheraton Fort Worth, Texas

Please note, we only publish presentations with the permission of our speakers. 

General Session

PDF icon Welcome
Ground Water Protection Council
Dan Yates
PDF icon How Oil & Gas States Protected Land & Water in 2018
Environmental Defense Fund
Adam Peltz

Regional Induced Seismicity Collaborative: Trends in Seismicity

PDF icon Kansas Seismic Monitoring and Responses: An Update
Kansas Geological Survey
Rex Buchanan

Class III UIC Forum & Discussion

Regulatory & Industry Strategies for Hydraulic Fracture Induced Seismicity

PDF icon Updates on Seismic Mitigation Strategies
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Charles Lord

Aquifer Recharge

PDF icon Historic Analysis of ASR Operations in the US as of 2013
Eastern Research Group
Chi Ho Sham, Ph.D.

Class II & VI UIC Forum & Discussion

PDF icon Update on CO2 Project
Railroad Commission of Texas
Leslie Savage

Industry Forum

PDF icon EE Portal Overview
Lisa Stobierski
PDF icon EE Portal
CAI Resources
George Cushni

Produced Water: Research

PDF icon Produced Water in Southern Colorado: Using Exisiting Research to Find the Best Path Forward
Economist & Produced Water Management Individual Research Specialist
Michael Ford

Class I UIC Forum & Discussion

PDF icon Advancing Class I Injection in a Time of Changing Pressures
Underground Injection Technology Council
Bob Van Voorhees

Produced Water: Case Studies & Innovation

PDF icon GWPC Produced Water Study Update
Mike Nickolaus
PDF icon Produced Water Case Study
Lloyd Hetrick

Managing Regulatory Data

Closing General Session: CWA Discharges to Groundwater Via Underground Injection

PDF icon Class II Perspective
Consulting Petroleum Engineer
Talib Syed