GWPC/NGWA Release HF Brochure for Water Well Owners

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) and the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) are making available a water-testing brochure for household water well owners living near oil or gas development and completion activities, including hydraulic fracturing. The brochure walks water well owners through how to go about getting their water tested prior to oil and gas activities to establish baseline water quality. It then provides guidelines for retesting the water after oil and gas development and completion activities. Addressed in the brochure are issues such as “chain-of-custody” testing to ensure unbiased, accurate sampling and test results, what constituents to test, what to do if one’s water quality changes, and where to get more information. Two versions of the brochure were produced. One version does not contain any state-specific information and can be used as general guidance anywhere. A second version contains space for appropriate state agencies to insert state-specific information, such as contact information specific to a state.
Please note that these brochures are not intended to provide guidance for regulation. They are merely designed to provide generalized information to landowners. The information they contain has not been designed to cover every unique circumstance of local geology or geochemistry. Therefore, they should be used only as guidance for landowners.
The brochure you are about to access is for informational purposes only.  The sampling and analysis denoted in the brochure should be considered general guidance concerning analytes that may be related to oil and gas activity.  The processes listed are not sufficient to make a scientifically or legally defensible demonstration of the quality of water in an aquifer prior to or following hydraulic fracturing.  
Download the Brochure