Groundwater Awareness

The GWPC works with state agencies to promote and protect our most precious natural resource: groundwater. In order to ensure its protection, it is important that the public is aware of its importance to public health, quality of life, and the environment. The following information can be utilized by GWPC member states and/or others to support groundwater awareness.

Groundwater Report to the Nation

Abundant, high quality, low-cost groundwater resources are fundamental to the long-term growth and vitality of our nation, yet this most important resource is often overlooked, if not neglected. Attention to the protection and management of groundwater has consistently lagged behind that given to surface waters, meaning that historic and current water resource laws and policies deal primarily with the protection and management of our more visible lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

The purpose of the GWPC Ground Water Report to the Nation is to highlight some of the more prevalent threats to groundwater, share sucess stories, and make recommendations for improved groundwater protection and awareness.  

>> More about the report

Groundwater Awareness Week

March 5-11, 2017 is Groundwater Awareness week! The National Groundwater Association (NGWA), has provided outreach materials for use in educating the public about the importance of groundwater. These educational resources can be used as is or adapted or customized to your state or locale.

>> Groundwater Educational Tools & Information (For well owners, the public, teachers and children)
>> Sample news release
>> Sample radio spots
>> Promotional tools for groundwater professionals

Other Resources

>>  Making Use of Groundwater As Part of an Alternative Water Supply Strategy, Presentation by Dan Yates, GWPC (PPT)