Q&A: A Young Oil & Gas Program Benefits from RBDMS

In 2010 the first commercially viable natural gas well was drilled in Idaho after a century of failed exploration. Within two years the Idaho Department of Lands was responsible for overseeing nine operating wells and they knew the number was going to grow. The Department hired staff with oil and gas experience to ensure operators were following regulations, and each year the state’s legislature passed new rule and statutory changes.

During this time of quickly changing regulations and drilling activity, the Department identified RBDMS as the best tool to help them track oil and gas regulatory compliance. A 2013 memo to the Department Director states, “As Idaho joins 28 states either in implementation or already enjoying the robust functionality of RBDMS in regulatory capacities, the pitfalls that would be expected of a system, which has been specifically customized for each state, are mitigated by proven deployments in harsh and ever changing regulatory environments.”

Recently, the Department’s Oil & Gas Program Manager James Thum and Oil & Gas Information Specialist Chris Gozzo sat down to discuss how RBDMS has lived up to these expectations.

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