Research Foundation

Research Foundation

About the Foundation - The Ground Water Research & Education Foundation (GWREF) is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 corporation dedicated to promoting research and education related to the protection of ground water.  The foundation is comprised of a board made up of volunteers from government, institutes of higher education, and the public appointed through the Ground Water Protection Council.

Our Mission - To promote and conduct research, education, and outreach, in the areas of development and application of technical systems, pollution prevention efforts related to ground water protection, underground injection technology, and watershed conservation and protection.

The Foundation’s Goals

  • Support the Ground Water Protection Council in the fulfillment of its mission to improve government’s role in the protection and conservation of ground water.
  • Identify and facilitate research aimed at increasing our understanding of the science and policy of ground water protection and conservation.
  • Develop education and outreach initiatives which increase the level of understanding of ground water resources in order to empower citizens to assume ground water protection roles.
  • Provide tools and resources for ground water protection and conservation practitioners to better fulfill their goals.

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The Spotlight Series is the technology transfer initiative of the GWREF

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