State Regulators Issue White Paper on Stray Gas

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) released a White Paper summarizing the Stray Gas Incidence & Response Forum recently held in Cleveland, OH. Co-hosted by U.S. Department of Energy the event focused on stray gas in areas where shale gas or other unconventional natural gas is being developed. Stray gas is gas that migrates from its natural geological location into aquifers or the shallow subsurface. 
The forum explored the technical and scientific basis for stray gas occurrence and investigations including fundamentals of the physical and chemical properties of methane, and factors that influence the occurrence, migration, and fate of methane in the shallow subsurface environment. Conferees addressed the diverse topics and issues that should be considered during the course of an emergency stray gas incident response including:
• Emergency response priorities,
• Science-based action levels,
• Identification of potential sources,
• Defining migration pathways and driving mechanisms,
• Assessment of the integrity of wellbores in nearby oil and gas wells,
• Mitigation measures,
• Methods to aid in determining the source of methane (forensics), and
• Data management and interpretation.
View the White Paper and individual presentations from the conference at: