State Water Sustainability Planning Professionals: GWREF Grant Funding Opportunity

The Ground Water Research & Education Foundation is now accepting applications for its consideration, to provide grant funding to cover travel expenses for qualified applicants to participate in the Sept. 11-14, 2016, State Water Sustainability Planning Summit: The Groundwater Connection. The event will take place in Orlando, FL in conjunction with the Ground Water Protection Council’s Annual Forum and National Rural Water Association’s WaterPro conference.  

Long-range planning is critical for assuring efficient conjunctive use of surface and groundwater resources without undue reliance on available surface or groundwater, said Ben Grunewald, GWREF managing director. "While the Ground Water Protection Council has no position regarding a ‘right way’ to plan for water sustainability in the country, our member state agencies have growing concerns regarding the increasingly competitive demand for all water resources. We believe that sharing experiences will create avenues to improve water sustainability planning."

Selected applicants will be invited to be a part of the proceedings of the 2+day event.  Participants will be expected to take an active role in the sessions which are designed to highlight innovative initiatives and to address areas where the survey results (gathered from the questionnaire that is part of this application) show the greatest needs for assistance. We plan to also focus on areas pertaining to the challenges of developing and implementing water sustainability planning. The questionnaire will help identify areas where the needs of, water users, such as agriculture, energy production, power production, municipal and industrial supply, would provide insight to the planning process and identify where these topics should be included in session development.

Applications are due by June 30, 2016.