StatesFirst National Gas Storage Workgroup Seeks Qualified Professional Volunteers

The States First National Gas Storage (NGS) workgroup is seeking technical experts from the states, academia, industry, and NGOs to participate in a working subgroup.

After a working meeting at the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) last month in Denver, the NGS workgroup led by states from across the country, the IOGCC and GWPC has developed a draft outline of elements to develop a guidance document to assist state agencies regarding natural gas storage facilities and state regulations.

These elements have been placed under four working subgroups to gather pertinent information and clearly express technical guidelines for conservative operating procedures. The subgroups include Permitting, Construction and Integrity, Operations and Closure. More precisely, the areas covered in each of the 4 subgroups is a follows:


  • Permitting
  • Future wells drilled through storage reservoirs
  • Emergency response/contingencies
  • Public Participation
  • Risk Management Planning

Construction & Integrity:

  • Well drilling/construction/ re-construction/ conversion
  • Mechanical integrity testing during operations
  • Reservoir integrity


  • Well operation and maintenance
  • Surface leak detection
  • Inventory tracking
  • Surface facility operation
  • Brine Disposal
  • Monitoring/observation wells (inside/ outside?)


  • Plugging, Temporary Abandonment  and Restoration

Each subgroup will be led by a state regulator to ensure this working group will provide state agencies with the best decision making tools and to enhance existing regulations. 

If you or someone you know wants to participate in any of the four subgroups, please contact Amy Childers, IOGCC Federal Projects Manager, at by June 15th as we will be conducting subgroup conference calls soon.

Thank you for your interest to address many important details associated with gas storage.