Covid-19 & Travel Restrictions Event Contingency Planning

GWPC 2020 Annual Forum – Covid-19 & Travel Restrictions

Potential Speakers – Please submit abstracts for the 2020 Annual Forum regardless of your ability to travel in September.

As summer approaches GWPC is entering our planning phase for the 2020 fall Annual Forum. Understanding that we don’t know yet what September will look like, we have chosen to continue with planning efforts in hopes that a face-to-face Annual Forum will occur. However, we are already actively engaged in contingency planning in the event that this meeting must become virtual, semi-virtual, or otherwise changed.

Please consider submitting abstracts regardless of your known or unknown ability to travel this September. Regardless of the ultimate style the Annual Forum may take, we will consider remote accommodations for speakers as needed and/or utilize submitted abstracts for invitations to present via webinar, virtual meeting, etc. 

Regardless of what form the meeting may take, GWPC is committed to continuing to provide timely and relevant content to our members and fostering interaction between state & federal agencies, industry, academia, and all ground water protection stakeholders.