USGS Cooperative Water Program Quarterly Highlights

Welcome to Volume 6 of the USGS Cooperative Water Program Quarterly Highlights, January 2013 
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  •     Mark your calendars for March 7th, 1 – 2:30 ET - Stakeholder webinar on Environmental Flows (Read more...)


  •    Coming soon (week of January 21) – A national summary of activities related to Environmental Flows (Read more...)


  •  Water Quality in the Fayetteville Shale Gas-Production Area, North-Central Arkansas (Read more…)

  Water Quality and Drinking Water

  • Statewide Assessment of Groundwater Quality in West Virginia (Read more…)
  • Arsenic in Groundwater from Bedrock Aquifers in New Hampshire (Read more…)
  • Water Quality Trends in New Jersey Streams (Read more…)
  • Water Quality Assessed in 10 Major Iowa Tributaries to the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers (Read more…)
  • Chemicals of Emerging Concern in the St. Louis River, St. Louis Bay, and Superior Bay, Minnesota and Wisconsin (Read more…)
  • River Response to Sedimentation Downstream of Mount Rainier, Washington (Read more…)
  • Urban Best Management Practices near Burlington, Vermont (Read more…)
  • NEW STUDY on Emerging Contaminants in Iowa Public Supply Wells (Read more…)

  Water Availability and Use

  • Environmental Flow Studies in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia (Read more…)
  • Online screening tool for new water withdrawals in Michigan (Read more…)
  • Low Flow Management in northeast Kaua’I, Hawai’i (Read more…)
  • Current and Future Groundwater Withdrawals in Coastal New Jersey (Read more…)
  • Groundwater Availability in the Glacial Aquifer System near Aberdeen, South Dakota (Read more…)
  • Projected Water Use and Groundwater Scenarios through 2060 in Parts of Nevada and California (Read more…)
  • Assessing Water Supply in the Fractured Rock Region in Maryland (Read more…)
  • Groundwater Flow and Water Budget in East Central Florida (Read more…)
  • Hydrologic Datasets to Aid Water Management in the Upper Klamath Basin, Oregon (Read more…)
  • Groundwater Monitoring Plan for the Missouri River Alluvial Aquifer (Read more…)
  • Geophysical Information Used to Identify the Base of the High Plains Aquifer System in Elkhorn and Loup River Basins, Nebraska (Read more…)
  • Simulated Changes to Lake Maumelle Water Supply in Arkansas (Read more…)
  • Effects of Surface-Water Diversions on the Verde River, Central Arizona (Read more…)


  • Assessing Lake Storage to Accommodate Flooding in Burned Areas of Coconino County, Arizona (Read more…)
  • Modeling Copper River Flows to Protect the Copper River Highway in Alaska (Read more…)
  • Flood Inundation Maps for communities in New York (Read more…)
  • Flood Inundation Maps Available in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia (Read more…)
  • Sign up for real-time alerts available for tracking flooding and droughts across the Nation (Read more….)


  • Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity in Pennsylvania streams (Read more…)
  • Development of Invertebrate Indexes of Stream Quality for the Islands of Maui and Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi (Read more…)
  • Peak-Flow and Stream Ecology Management of the Cedar River, Washington (Read more…)  


  • Possible Effects of Sea Level Rise on Groundwater Levels in New Haven, Connecticut (Read more…)


  • Up-to-date maps of threatened and endangered streamgages (Read more…)

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