2021 Annual Forum

09/27/2021 - 9/29/2021
Virtual Conference

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Source Water Protection Workshop

Welcome to Utah and the West:  Source Water Protection and the Farm Bill
Emily Fife, State Conservationist, NRCS-UT

Growing and Enhancing Conservation Planning Efforts with Partners for Source Water Protection in Vermont
Joe Buford, State Resource Conservationist, USDA-NRCS Vermont 

Boots on the Ground: Implementing SWP working with NRCS, State & Local Partners
Mark Wettlaufer, Planning Supervisor, Source Water Protection Unit, MN Department of Health           

Funding Integration Planning Tool: Set the Stage for Source Water Protection Success
Kara Goodwin, EPA Source Water Protection Team 

DWMAPS: A Tool for Source Water Protection
Terrell Tiendrebeogo, EPA Source Water Protection Team

Benefits and Challenges of a Regulatory Source Water Protection Program
Deidre Beck and Melissa Noble, Division of Drinking Water, Utah Department of Environmental Quality

Planning for Source Water Protection: Calculating Load Reductions to Address Impairments to Groundwater to Leverage CWA Funding
Tatiana Davila, Hydrogeologist Wellhead and Source Water Protection Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy


RBDMS Training Workshops


RBDMS Idle/Orphan Well: Plugging, Remediation, Tracking and Prioritization Module


WaterSTAR Overview
Dave Lowther, Coordinate Solutions, Inc.

Alabama WaterSTAR: Meeting Groundwater and Management Needs at the Geological Survey of Alabama
Greg Guthrie, PG, Geological Survey of Alabama


General Session: Utah’s Pioneering Efforts

R. William (Bill) Keach II, State Geologist, Director Utah Geological Survey

Erica Gaddis, PhD, Director, Division of Water Quality, Utah Department of Environmental Quality 

John Baza, Director, Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining

General Session: The Science of Functional Equivalence

David R. Wunsch, Ph.D., PG, Delaware Geological Survey

General Session: Emerging Issues & Trends

Plugging Away: The Regrow Act and its Implementation
Stratton Edwards | Capitol Hill Consulting Group

Water Environment Federation: Providing Technical Education & Training for Water Quality Professionals
Walt Marlowe | Water Environment Federation

Class VI & CCUS

Hydrogen and Energy 101: Role of CCUS
Talib Syed | TSA, Inc.

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS): Insights, Opportunities, and Challenges
Tom Tomastik | ALL Consulting LLC

Spatial-Temporal Risk Mapping at a Geologic Carbon Sequestration Site
Brandon Schwartz | Penn State University


Rapid Mapping of Aquifers, Confining Units, and Potential MAR Sites Using a Towed Cart Time-Domain Electromagnetic Induction System
Doug Laymon | Collier Consulting

Enhanced Aquifer Recharge of Stormwater in the United States: State of the Science Review
Thomas Johnson | US EPA, Integrated Environmental Research Branch

ASR / MAR – Utah Spotlight

Water Right Permits for Aquifer Recharge and Recovery in Utah
David Jones, PE | Utah Division of Water Rights

Aquifer Storage & Recovery Regulation Under the Utah Underground Injection Control Program: Current Permits In Utah & Application Process
Drummond Earley, III, Ph.D., PG | Utah Division of Water Quality

Groundwater Data Collection & Management

Status and Accomplishments of USGS National Ground-Water Monitoring Network (2015-2021)
Daryll Pope | US Geological Survey

Assessment of Water Resources in Alabama Using Data Storage and Geospatial Tools For Management and Policy Decisions
Greg Guthrie | Geological Survey of Alabama

NRAP Tools for Geologic Carbon Storage Risk-Based Decision Making

Overview of the National Risk Assessment Partnership and NRAP Phase II Products
Robert Dilmore | NETL

NRAP Open-source Integrated Assessment Model and Relevant Application
Veronika Vasylkivska | NETL

Interface and Workflow Design for Geological Carbon Storage Modeling, Simulation – GCSRiskman Prototype
Mark Brandyberry | Illinois RocStar

Assessing Geomechanical Risks at GCS Sites Using the State of Stress Assessment Tool
Jeff Burghardt | PNNL

Short Term Seismic Forecasting – A Tool to Assess Seismicity During Injection Operations and RiskCat
Corinne Layland-Bachmann | LBNL

Designs for Risk Evaluation and Monitoring and Example Coupling with Integration with NRAP-Open-IAM
Alex Hannah | PNNL

Optimal Design of Microseismic Monitoring Network
Lianjie Huang | LANL

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