GWPC Releases 2023 Produced Water Report

The GWPC Produced Water Report: 2023 Regulations & Practices Updates is now available for download on the GWPC web site.

In 2019, GWPC published it’s initial report entitled: “Produced Water Report: Regulations, Current Practices, and Research Needs.” The report included contributions from numerous stakeholders regarding a sustainable future for produced water management, including reuse.

Though produced water is already beneficially reused outside of the oil and gas industry, the Report noted that expanding external uses would be a vital factor contributing to the longevity of oil and gas exploration and production. The report also highlighted that additional dedicated research and technology development held the promise of making beneficial reuse safer.

Since its publication in 2019, the first GWPC Produced Water Report has been an important reference for industry stakeholders, and to retain that status, given the realized changes in the produced water marketplace, periodic updating is necessary. With that in mind, those changes are highlighted in this 2023 Report, which updates the most significant regulatory, operational, and technological advancements relevant to produced water, to present the current “state of the market” reference document for stakeholder

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