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Tara Gross

Tara Gross

Program Manager

Tara is responsible for maintaining documentation that includes the development of Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency reporting, planning, and funding activities. Tara leads efforts to manage the quality of project deliverables and ensures that resources are allocated across projects appropriately to maximize efficiency. Having more than 15 years of her career dedicated to environmental, water, and oil and gas operations, Tara’s knowledge and industry experience afford her the expertise to lead workgroup initiatives for Underground Injection Control Class VI Wells, Produced Water efforts, Induced Seismicity, Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage, and several other groundwater projects. Tara is a native Oklahoman who attended Oklahoma State University. There she participated as a member of the softball program while she worked to earn her Bachelor of Science in Geology.

Tara currently serves as the Ground Water Research and Education Foundation Development & Outreach Manager, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization whose purposes include acting as an advisory group to the Ground Water Protection Council Board of Directors on research, education, and outreach, and encouraging the development of projects related to research, education, and outreach regarding ground water protection and underground injection control that aid groundwater regulatory programs.

As the Development & Outreach Manager for the Ground Water Research and Education Foundation, Tara will promote, encourage, facilitate, foster and develop projects and activities for advancing research and education that will benefit both at the state and federal levels.