2019 Exchange Peer Assessment: Colorado Well Integrity Regulations

The State Oil & Gas Regulatory Exchange (the Exchange) released today a Peer Assessment of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s Well Integrity program. The Exchange is an outreach program led by the states and facilitated by the Ground Water Protection Council and Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission with a mission to assist states’ efforts to continuously improve their oil and gas regulatory programs. In 2018, COGCC requested the Exchange conduct a peer assessment of the Commission’s Well Integrity regulations as well as other topics. Through this peer assessment by the Exchange Assessment Team, the Commission sought to obtain the perspective of other state oil and gas regulators on Colorado’s regulatory regime that specifically focused on insights into best practices and leading edge thought among state oil and gas regulators from around the country. The review team was tasked to identify any perceived regulatory gaps or inefficiencies, insights into other states’ approaches to regulating the same or similar topics, and suggested modifications to existing or addition of new rules. 

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