SWC Releases Updated Interactive Tool for the Clean Water Act 50th Anniversary

50 years ago, the United States recognized that access to clean water is critical to healthy people and thriving communities by passing the Clean Water Act. This year, we celebrate the power of the Clean Water Act’s progress in reducing water pollution and ensuring our water is safe for swimming, fishing, and drinking.

Source water protection includes harnessing the Clean Water Act to keep pollution out of watersheds that eventually reach our taps. This year, the Source Water Collaborative (SWC) updated the Clean Water Act and Your Drinking Water Interactive Infographic to show how Clean Water Act programs can help protect drinking water sources and to help people engage in these programs to protect their drinking water sources. Use the infographic to learn about different types of pollution in our waterways and how those waterways can be restored, to see what tools are available to improve protection of our drinking water sources, and learn about how you can get involved anywhere along your watershed.

The national Source Water Collaborative (SWC) is comprised of 30 national organizations (including GWPC) that are united to protect America’s drinking water at the source – in the lakes, rivers, streams and aquifers we tap for drinking purposes. The SWC website includes many tools and resources on key topics such as collaborating with partners, finding partners near you, and using the Clean Water Act and agricultural and forestry practices to protect drinking water.

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