The Source Water Collaborative Launches New Forestry Learning Exchange

The Source Water Collaborative (SWC) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Learning Exchange— Source Water Protection Through Forestry Partnerships. The SWC Learning Exchange is an information sharing platform for people and organizations working to protect sources of drinking water. With the Learning Exchange, the SWC aims to strengthen the effectiveness of source water practitioners across the country by providing a platform to share experiences, transfer knowledge, and learn about funding and technical resources available to support their efforts.

Over the past five years, the SWC Learning Exchange has offered several organized events, communications, and resources arranged by theme. Building on several of these modules, the Collaborative is adding this new Learning Exchange that will focus on the critical role well managed forests play in watershed health and in ensuring safe and reliable supplies of drinking water. Members of the SWC have assembled forestry related resources and webinars that are available to all interested groups. These resources and webinars will showcase partnerships across sectors that have been fostered to make progress towards solving the water-related challenges facing communities, utilities, businesses, and the environment.

Visit the SWC’s new Learning Exchange web page to find:

  • Technical and educational materials recommended to peers by Collaborative member organizations and Learning Exchange participants
  • Webinars that will bring together various perspectives and expertise (descriptions, sign-up & future recordings)

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